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1 Million Trees... and counting

All of us here at tentree are excited to announce an incredible milestone: 1 million trees planted.

All of us here at tentree are excited to announce an incredible milestone: 1 million trees planted. Through our partnership with international non-profit organizations, we’re stepping up to become a major part of reforestation efforts in several countries around the world, all thanks to YOU!

“A million trees was a major achievement for us, but by no means are we finished there,” says Derrick Emsley, tentree’s CEO. “We will be planting anywhere from two and a half to three million more trees in 2014, and expect that number to continue to double year after year as we expand into new markets and people respond to the message that we’re sharing.

“Wherever we choose to plant, we need to ensure that it has a meaningful impact – not only for those who are doing the planting itself, but for the environment as well. We are looking at several different locations to plant in, including Haiti, Peru, Myanmar, and Indonesia to name a few.”

“The environmental impact that the planting of ten trees has is incredible. Seeing areas where trees have been planted years later, the environment doesn’t even resemble what it did three or four years ago. What’s really incredible is seeing the impact it can have on communities – the life changing effect it can have on the people that are planting, and on the communities that are making sure these trees survive into the future. We’re not just planting trees at tentree, we’re changing lives.”

These trees have had an undeniably positive social and environmental impact on the communities tentree works with, and none of it would have been possible without our loyal, and ever inspiring, tentree community. As a group, we are growing forests and changing lives. Together, we are making an impact.

Along with increasing both the number of countries planted in as well as total trees planted in 2014, we have also implemented a new tree registry program wherein customers who purchase garments can go online to register the unique tree code provided with each garment in order to track the growth of their trees. tentree can be purchased online or from one of over 330 retail stores.

Tree Talk

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