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10 Amazing Facts About The Giant Sequoia Tree

We love trees, that’s we plant 10 trees for each item purchased.

We love trees, that’s we plant 10 trees for each item purchased. Planting trees and getting outside are passions of ours, so when we see a giant tree, there’s nothing not to love!

If you have ever wandered down to the western slopes of the Californian Sierra Nevada mountain range, then you already know that it doesn’t take you a long time until you start realizing all of the trees have begun to grow in size in both length as well as width.

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The reason the trees have started to grow so amazingly large is due to the fact that these specific trees are known as giant sequoias. There are other tree species that are related to the giant sequoia that grow just as large, but these trees specifically are some of our most cherished and there are 10 facts as to why that is!

  1. The record breaking tree for being the tallest is known as the Hyperion Tree. This redwood has a measurement of 379.1 feet tall! There are some other tall trees in the world that can hardly compare to how tall this tree is.
  2. However, for the record breaking tree that holds the title of biggest goes to the tree known as General Sherman. This giant sequoia has an amazing 52,508 cubic feet! Thus, giving this tree the very deserving title of “largest tree in the world.”
  3. Some other awesome facts about General Sherman include it being, not only the largest tree in the world, but also the largest living organism, based on volume, in the entire planet!
  4. General Sherman has lived to be 2,100 years old, weighing around 2.7 million pounds, stands at 275 feet, and has the foot circumference of 102 feet as it’s base on the ground. The branches found on this tree also measure to be about 7 feet wide in diameter.
  5. Another famous tree that has a holding record, The General Grant Tree. This tree specifically is known as the second largest tree with a whopping volume of 46,608 cubic feet!
  6. The third most largest tree found on planet earth, based on volume, goes to the tree known as the President. This tree is labeled as the third largest tree because of its amazing yield of two billion leaves. Not too mention that this tree has been standing up right for nearly 3,240 years.
  7. Some factors that tie into the longevity of these trees are because of their natural abilities to fight off fungal rot, wood-boring beetles and since these trees have such thick bark, they are essentially flame resistant. The reason as to why they have all of this natural strength is due to the tannic acids that aid the tree’s durability.
  8. One of the major factors that revolves around these trees growing into the mammoths that they become is a very crucial step. Giant sequoias require a very certain type of climate so that they are able to grow. The only places you will typically find them are on the Western slopes of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Seemingly, the trees must be between 5,000 to 7,000 feet in order to grow properly.
  9. The only way that giant sequoias are able to reproduce is by seeds. Sometimes their seeds remain in their pine cones for nearly 20 years before seeing any outside light! However, forest fires help speed up the process as the heat causes the pine cones to open up and release the seeds.
  10. If giant sequoias are able to continue the existence of it’s species, then each and every single tree must have at least one maturing offspring for the next several thousand years.

Giant sequoias are truly something to behold, they are the overseers of our world, standing proudly as they watch over us every single year they hold themselves there in a single spot. Some of the greatest sites you could ever see!

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