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10 Fun Things To Do In August

August is the last month of summer.

August is the last month of summer. The first day of fall happens on or around the 22nd of September. But even though it’s the final month of summer doesn’t mean the summer fun is over yet! There are still tons of fun things to do in August. Here are a few of our favorites.

Organize a beach cleanu

Beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the world. Sadly, because so much trash has found its way into our oceans, our beaches are often full of garbage. Fortunately, we can each take ownership of the issue and organize a beach cleanup! Grab a few friends, some bags, and head to the beach! You’ll create a better world for everyone. Want to read more? Check out our blog: 10 Benefits Of Cleaning Up Your Local Beach.

Go for a hike


Hiking is fun, it’s easy (if you pick a relaxed trail) and maybe best of all, it’s free! Put on a good pair of shoes, find a trail, and get out and experience what nature has to offer! Hiking is relaxing, good for your mental health, and can even improve your cardiovascular health! Need to know more? Here Are 10 Ways Climbing Mountains Enriches Your Life.

Find a swimming hole

Swimming pools are great, don’t misunderstand us. But there’s something so special about finding an outdoor swimming hole. Be it a lake, river, or a pond, these swimming holes combine the relaxation of a swimming pool with the gloriousness of nature! These swimming holes near Toronto are some of our personal favorites!

Plant a tree

For the most part, planting trees earlier in the Spring and Summer is better, but there are some types of trees that do well when planted in late Summer and Fall. Maples in particular handle it fairly well. Check out our tutorial on how to plant a tree!

Ready to go pro with your tree planting? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees.

Grow a garden

You probably think that Spring is the best time to plant vegetables, but even as late as August, there are plenty of veggies you can grow. Kale, lettuce, peas, radishes, cucumbers, and spinach are all veggies you can plant in August and harvest before the hard frosts set in.

Go for a road trip

Road trips are the best. You can pick exactly where you want to go, hop in the car, and be on your merry way. Road trips let you see so much more of the country that you might miss if you fly or just stay home. Solo road trips can be just as fun as road tripping with a pal too. There are some special things you learn when you travel alone.

Enjoy a park

Visitng public parks are another fun, free activity you can do in August. Relax in the sun, fly a kite, throw a frisbee around – the options are endless. Plus visiting parks helps build community and tells your city that parks are a valuable investment!

Go for a bike ride

There are few things that are more fun than going for a summer bike ride. It’s like being a kid again! The wind blowing your hair around, speeding away from surprise summer storms, and enjoying the fresh air are what summer is all about.

Go star gazing

There are a lot of amazing celestial events that happen in the Winter (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) but there’s still a lot to see in August, and it’s not cold at night yet! If you’re having trouble identifying a heavenly body, there are apps you can download to help you figure out which is a star and which is a planet! Need some star gazing inspiration? These Are 10 Of The Best Places To Go Star Gazing.

Go camping

Camping in the Fall and Winter can be tough, so it’s best to get your camping trips in while you still can! August is a great time to go camping. Thinking about going camping in the wilderness? Here’s what you should do to prepare for your backcountry camping trip.


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