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10 Fun Things To Do In September

September is truly one of the most beautiful months of the year.

September is truly one of the most beautiful months of the year. Depending on your location, you’ll likely see the days getting shorter, the weather getting cooler, and the leaves start to change. But just because summer is getting further away in our rear-view mirror doesn’t mean the outdoor fun is over!

There are lots of fun activities that you, your friends, and your family can participate in during the month of September. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Go for a fall hike

Leaves might not quite be changing where you are yet, but if you go up a bit in elevation, you might start seeing the yellows, reds, oranges, and purples that make fall so spectacular. Find a new hiking trail you’ve never hiked before, pack some water and a lunch, and head out for a fall hike! Need some fall hike dress advice? We’ve got you covered!

Visit a pumpkin patch

During September and October, there are few places more fun for a family adventure than your local pumpkin patch. Hay ride, petting zoos, corn mazes, and of course, pumpkins! Supporting a pumpkin patch with your dollars helps local farmers, encourages more locally grown food, and helps your local economy too.

Go apple picking

Like visiting a pumpkin patch, going apple picking is a fun and rewarding fall outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. Apples fresh from the tree taste better and are more nutritious, plus it gives you a great opportunity to teach your children about where food comes from and why local food is important.

Make your own zero waste cider

What should you do with all the apples you picked at the orchard? Anything you like! You can make apple sauce, apple pies – or you could make apple cider! Cider can be pretty expensive store-bought and it comes in those single-use plastic jugs. Making apple cider isn’t all that hard and is a great way to use up your freshly picked apples. Check out our recipe: how to make zero waste apple cider.

Go camping

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting chillier, but there is still plenty of camping to be done! Camping in September requires a little bit more planning, making sure you’re bringing the right equipment to stay properly warm, but is just as fun as camping during the summer. Plus, when you camp in September, you get to see the leaves changing at your favorite camping sites!

Attend a fall festiva

For generations around the world, people have celebrated the coming of autumn and the harvest that summer brings for us. People long ago lived more agrarian lifestyles that is easy to be disconnected from today, but these traditions live on in the form of fall festivals. September is the month when Oktoberfest begins as well.

Take a beach trip


Beaches are a lot of fun to visit any time of year, but you have to admit, a beach trip on a hot day is the best. While most of our hot days are behind us by the time September rolls around, there are still some warm afternoons you can enjoy on the beach. And while you’re there, see if there’s any trash you can pick up. Sadly, human refuse often makes its way into the ocean, but when it gets deposited on beaches, we have an opportunity to clean it up.

These are some other benefits of cleaning up your local beach!

Go for a bike ride

If you’re looking for a low-carbon, climate-friendly fall activity that doesn’t involve any driving or long distance travel, consider going for a bike ride around your neighborhood! Riding your bike is great for your overall health, gives you a chance to meet and talk to your neighbors, and you get to see all those autumn leaves changing around your home! Riding a bike is a simple, fun way to spend a few hours of a September afternoon.

Read a new book

In some locations, September is the perfect time of year to be outside. In other places, it can be the time of year where the clouds come and rain starts to fall. If you’re stuck inside, you can still have fun on a September day. Consider picking up a new book and diving into another world! These are 10 books that we here at tentree love!

Preserve fall leaves


Preserving fall leaves is a fun craft idea for children and adults alike. It’s not very difficult to immortalize the beautiful hues that fall leaves create.


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