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10 Reasons To Celebrate Our Earth

Reuse, recycle, repurpose.

Reuse, recycle, repurpose. Walk or bike to school and work. Grow something or support the wildlife in your backyard. Save energy, conserve water, clean up a local park. You know how to celebrate our Earth. You do it every day, most of the time thinking nothing of it.

But why do you celebrate the Earth? Have you ever paused to reflect on what it is about our planet that is worthy of a party every single day (not just on the 22nd of April)?

Here are ten reasons to celebrate the Earth — from the ones you rarely think about to a few that may surprise you.

1) The earth supports us

The Earth contains everything we could possibly need to survive and offers it up to us free of charge, as though concocted by an angel who moonlights as a master blender.

2) The earth protects us

A human could survive for only 2 minutes in space without the protection of a space suit. You could say the Earth suits us.

3) The earth: provides us with wonder

Although the lucky seven often steal the spotlight, there are far more than seven wonders hidden across our great planet. There’s probably at least seven right in your backyard.

4) The earth inspires us

Artists and poets, musicians and storytellers, scientists and world leaders have drawn inspiration from the land and the air, the sea and the sky. And don’t you get a little burst of energy from watching the sun appear over the horizon?

5) Unmatched by any other planet

No other object in space provides the elements we need in just the right quantities, in just the right setting, to protect and sustain and give life. We might be wise to stop searching for another planet and indulge the one we’ve got.

6) We’re not alone here

The Earth, as perfect as it is for our every need, also perfectly sustains millions of other species, some with absolutely nothing at all in common with us. Earth is a most skilled multi-tasker.

7) The earth is worth it’s weight in gold

If the beauty and inspiration and wonders don’t inspire you, think of the Earth’s core. There is enough gold there to build a 1.5 foot coat around the entire globe.

8) The earth is so full of mystery

Who doesn’t love a little mystery? Space may be the most widely known final frontier but there are depths of the ocean that we’ll never truly comprehend in our lifetime and 86% of the Earth’s species that have yet to be identified.

9) So that our children may learn to celebrate

If we want the Earth to be around for future generations to enjoy, we should also teach them how to enjoy it, protect it, and celebrate its wonders.

10) It’s ours to love or lose

If nothing else, favor more loving, less losing.


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