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10 Reasons To Do Something Outside Today!

Doing something exciting outside can often become a goal for the future, but here are 10 reasons to do something outside…today!

Doing something exciting outside can often become a goal for the future, but here are 10 reasons to do something outside…today!

1) You won’t miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities

It’s easy to think “I’ll get out there next week, it’s not like the mountain is going to move” or put off going out at night because “the stars will still be there tomorrow night”. What I’ve come to discover is that every single day nature has something new and different to show off. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night while camping a few years ago and looking up at the sky to see a phenomenal meteor shower unlike anything I’d ever seen before! I wasn’t looking for it, but I definitely wouldn’t have found it if I had stayed inside.

2) It brings people together

It’s amazing how a long hike can provide the perfect environment for a heart-to-heart chat and I’ve seen many lasting relationships begin around a campfire. There’s something about spending time together outdoors that grows us closer, forms deeper bonds, and creates community. At tentree, we love to see people come together. Maybe you’ll entrust your safety to your climbing partner as they belay you up a rock or maybe it’s simply the nod you give to a fellow hiker on the trail – the great outdoors is an amazing place to build community.

3) It’s healthy

In a world crazed with counting calories and expensive gym memberships I’m surprised the fitness benefits of adventuring outside aren’t more hyped than they are. Hiking, biking, climbing, swimming, bouldering, slack lining, kayaking you name it – there are so many ways to work out so many different muscle groups while exploring the great outdoors.

4) You’ll discover something new every time

There’s an old saying that goes “there’s no strangers, just friends you haven’t met yet”, and that’s exactly how I feel about mountains, lakes, trails and campsites. Most people I know have a “favourite spot” to hangout with friends or a “go-to” place to find solitude. One thing that continues to fuel my passion for adventure is wondering how many potential new favourite places are hidden out there. There’s a classic chill spot with your name on it out there somewhere, it’s just waiting for you to find it!

5) It’s free

Doing something outdoors is totally free! Depending on what you want to do, you might need to buy some gear or a wilderness pass, but tossing a Frisbee at the park or hiking to a glacial lake for a swim is a cost-free alternative to expensive summer pastimes!

6) The fresh air

There’s something about those first few breaths of fresh air when you step out of the car after driving away from town. Crisp refreshing breaths of pine scented air or ocean mist simply cannot be duplicated.

7) Anyone can do it

There’s no age restriction to having fun outside! I fondly remember making driftwood sailboats on the beach with my elderly great grandmother when I was a young child. Trying to find a movie as inter-generationally relatable as the great outdoors would be a difficult task.

8) You get perspective

A big reason people don’t go outside is because they’re too busy. I’ve totally felt that way. What I’ve come to find is that spending a bit of time in nature when I’m busy or stressed lends me some serious perspective. Looking up at a mountain that has been around since long before my current stressors reminds me how small and trivial my worries are. Seeing an alpine tree that weathers storm after storm and stands tall reminds me that I too can persevere. Standing in a rushing river reminds me of the powerful momentum of determination. Spending a bit of time outdoors during a busy or stressful time can really help you push through.

9) You can relate with other outdoor enthusiasts

Some people think that anyone who is passionate about environmental causes is an “idealistic tree hugging hippy” (trust me, I’ve heard one before) and often they’re the same ones who don’t get out and enjoy nature themselves. It’s when you experience the beauty and power of nature’s ecosystems first hand that you begin to relate to groups of people like tentree that dedicate time, effort, resources, and hard work to help make our environment thrive.

10) It’s fun!

There are endless possibilities for fun in nature. The outdoors is a fantastic place to let loose, be yourself, and enjoy life. Why wait for tomorrow?


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