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10 Reasons To Start Eating Organic

These days, we tend to hear a lot of talk about organic food.

These days, we tend to hear a lot of talk about organic food. People are more worried than ever about what they’re consuming, yet they’re set on finding ways to stay in their routines. My German class’s discussion about organic food ended in an across-the-board verdict: “organic food is too expensive”, “too inconvenient” and so on.

So I decided it was time to finally check out the facts for Ten Tree blog, and realized when it comes to eating organic, the pros far outweigh the cons. And after buying my latest grocery load from a local farmer’s market, I know now the switch isn’t really so tough to make. Here are just a few reasons why to consider why adding more organic to your everyday diet:

1) It tastes better.

It’s actually pure science. When plants aren’t protected by pesticide, they need to come up with their own natural defenses to ward away insects. It’s these defenses that give intense flavour and aroma, making bites of apples and berries, for example, a deeper sense of delicious.

2) It’s more nutritious.

For those of us that find it tough to get our daily serving of fruit and veg, eating organic is a smart choice. Experts say it can increase nutrition intake up to 30 percent, particularly for vitamin C, antioxidants and minerals like iron, magnesium and phosphorous.

3) They are free of neurotoxins.

There are thousands of pesticides out there, and each one is as potentially damaging as the next. But one of the worst (and most common) are organophosphates. They were originally developed as a toxic nerve agent during World War I, and are very dangerous to the human nervous system.

4) We don’t know enough about GMO’s.

Genetically modified foods (GMO’s) are pretty much an experiment. The long-term affects of these engineered edibles are still unknown – and the little research that is being done isn’t looking good. A lot of GMO seeds are made to produce their own pesticide, which means pesticide could grow inside of our bodies. Creepy!

5) It supports the local community.

A lot of organic produce comes from small-scale farmers. Buying from them at farmer’s markets or eating at sustainable organic restaurants where their products are used to encourages an economy that’s not only made up of mega-businesses. Organic farms are also safer for farm workers, too.

6) Technically, it’s cheaper.

Organic food is known for carrying a bigger price tag, but you could make the argument that in the long run. Buying bulk at farmer’s markets can work out to a bargain, and eating healthier means better quality of life (and hopefully fewer medical problems) down the road.

7) It’s good for the environment.

According to a Cornell study, it’s estimated that only 0.01% of pesticides actually makes it to its target. That means the rest is polluting the world around us, from drinking water to farmland and wildlife habitats. It’s too late to reverse such damage, but organic farming could help in the future.

8) No hangover!

This may sound too good to be true, but just hear it out: organic wine is free of sulphur dioxide, a preservative that’s heavily used in non-organic wine. The substance is known to cause headaches, so the next day is a little less painful (depending on how much you drink, of course!).

9) It’s healthier.

Studies show that eating organic foods may reduce the risk of diseases like cancer, tumors and genetic problems. The synthetic hormones, antibiotics and drugs in our food (especially meat and dairy) are proven to be really scary. Scientists agree that there’s really no amount of consumption of any of these things that’s safe.

10) Because it’s time.

The jig is up. Our society is aware of the serious long-term affects of eating fast food and processed goods. McDonald’s global sales have been steadily declining in recent years, and The Economist reports American processed giants like Kraft macaroni and cheese and Campbell’s Soup are also struggling. The shift is simple: people are turning to healthier fare. So as you can see, there’s really no better time to start eating organic!


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