10 Reasons Why You Should Take That Big Trip Now

10 daily tips that show how adventure can be the positive change agent that will allow you to gain more “goose-bump’” moments in life and achieve things that up until now you have only dreamed about.

10 daily tips that show how adventure can be the positive change agent that will allow you to gain more “goose-bump’” moments in life and achieve things that up until now you have only dreamed about.

1) Start your day smart

Choose your view and your attitude from the start of the day. Take that trip to refresh your view and make a point to start each day smart. Undoubtedly you have encountered a person at work who just looks like a troll – grim and grumpy from the start of the day, onward. Make it your intention to start each day with a fresh outlook. Don’t carry a burden over from a bad meeting or a mistake that was made – Learn from it and move on.

As we walk down our daily paths we are constantly bombarded by negative thoughts – from ourselves, from others. These thoughts impede our ability to truly get the most out of life. We all have speed bumps – whether it’s getting frustrated waiting on the phone for technical support to issues related to marriage, family and work. It is how we face these challenges that make a difference.

You have two choices – let it bog you down or move wisely to find a solution. When a negative thought enters your mind, replace it with a positive one and focus on creating a solution to the problem at hand. It’s the old adage that the “glass is half full” – those with an optimistic, positive attitude tend to go further in life.

2) Start your day early- vacations are perfect for a clock reset

Start your day early if you want to be productive in life, even if you need a crutch like strong French roast coffee. I start my day at 4:30 a.m. – it’s not something that everyone can do. Do what you can; and make the time your own. The key is to make time to find energy for your day. An early morning start can help you get engaged and productive on projects which will make a difference on the outcome and productivity of your entire day.

3) Get engaged- live now

You can either be in the bleachers as a spectator of life or you can be on the field. This is a life choice that you have to make over and over again in life, and many people struggle with these decisions. It is much easier to sit in the bleachers, and it takes work, risk and an element of discomfort to be in the game. 4) Create your adventure activity

One of the best ways to create more positivity in your life is to set an adventure goal that you can focus on, and that will provide you with a daily challenge.

Your own adventure can be simple or challenging, it can be for a day, week, month or a year. I recommend starting off with setting up some Weekly Adventures. It could be a walk in a local park, a canoe in a nearby lake, a snowshoe across the field, downhill skiing or snowboarding at your local area and or trying cross-country skiing. Depending on where you live, many of these sports have local shops or clubs that can provide resources for getting started.

5) Passion

Become a passion for you. I am convinced that having passions is a key element in life. Having Adventure passions enhance your health (mental and physical benefit from the activity), enhance your social life and ignite your spirit. You can have a number of passions – uncover what you love and pursue goals that are aligned with your passions. If you don’t have a passion yet than that is even more reason to take that Big Trip. Try new things so you can find what you are passionate about.

6) Challenge yourself

Beyond all of the great benefits (mind, body and spirit) for engaging in adventure, the associated benefits of pursuing a goal towards a longer-term adventure activity are significant. Your mind functions better when you have goals that you with challenges each day. If you don’t have something you are working towards, it is easier for the mind to drift and negative thoughts may creep back in. Setting a goal towards an adventure activity challenges you and will help you to grow.

To keep plants thriving in a garden, you need to add nutrients and turn the soil. Similarly, in life we need to maintain activity and adventure. If you are not “turning your soil” through physical and mental activity regularly, you can get stale. This is particularly true in Northern climates, where there is less natural sunlight in the winter – getting outside is critical to your health.

7) Nature provides benefits

Get out and explore. Take a walk through a park you have never visited, or read a guide book/ get online and research local hikes and choose one that fits your interest. Today, more people than ever are becoming less connected with nature. Cities have little green space and people forget the renewal powers of nature. This is affecting society on many levels.

Nature provides a place like no other to relax. Nature is an excellent natural cure to help put stress and anxiety at bay. Seek out the mountains, a nature park or visit a favorite lake. Being in nature also helps to enhance your senses – each one gets more attuned as you spend time in the great outdoors. It’s the delectable taste of trailside blackberries (just select your berries carefully), to listening to squirrels rustling through leaves or the wind in the trees. Nature heals.

8) Adore more

Do this daily. Nothing bad will come from it. Taking adventure to a deeper level will uncover more love. A Big Trip is perfect for that kick back you need. In this state you are better able to love and be loved.

9) A positive purpose

A Big Trip can ignite good. Gets stuff stirring inside of you. Can make that positive change you may need.

Positive creates positive – and people are attracted to positive people around then. Even if you come across pessimistic types – talking about how they got up late (so tired), complain about the weather (so gray), fought through traffic to work (so slow), stay true to your positivity and it may change their attitude too.

If you’re not doing what you’re passionate about, it’s never too late to make a change – start your passion now. Make it a point to make each day beautiful to you and to others around you. Never forget – a smile can go a very long way.

10) Get up early and PLAY

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite hot inspiration to get your mind firing and start your day. Start with good energy foods to be ready for action in the morning – I have one cup of coffee, banana and oatmeal at the start of every day. Get up early – the morning is a wonderful time to collect your thoughts and organize your day and get ready to play.

Give yourself some time to think about adventure every day.

Go play. It was part of our everyday when we were kids. Don’t lose it make play part of everyday. Now take that Big Trip. It is good for you.

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