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10 Reasons You Should Start Trail Running

Trail running happens to be one of the most fun activities you can do on two legs.

Trail running happens to be one of the most fun activities you can do on two legs. If you don’t quite believe me, I dare you to read this list and not have the urge to head out and hit the trail immediately.

It’s an amazing community

You will be hard pressed to find a trail runner that isn’t always stoked. They are always excited to head out on the trails with anyone, in any weather, and love showing new people the way of the trails. Trail runners fall fast and hard for new friends and I promise you won’t find better friends than these.

It’s beautiful

There is something about the smell of pine in the air, the rhythmic cadence of running on a loamy trail, and being surrounded by green forest. Trail running gives you the opportunity to breathe in the green, be part of the environment, and really experience it.

It’s better on your joints

The trails will always be softer than pavement or concrete, which will keep your knees, hips, and ankles very happy.

You won’t get bored

With puddles, logs, roots, and rocks to run and jump over, you’re always kept on the alert. You’ll end up having more fun and I guarantee, by mid run, you will stick your arms out like an airplane and pretend to be flying down every hill.

Each trail is a different experience and a mini adventure

No two trails are the same. Even the same trail can be wildly different depending on the time of day, weather, and season. Plus, trail running can take you to some pretty amazing locations. There is nothing quite like running to the summit of a mountain to get your lungs heaving, heart pounding, and to feel truly alive.

It’s fun to get dirty

You know it’s been a successful trail run when you come back to the car with a dirt tan or mud splattered up the back of your legs. Trust me when I say you can’t jump over every puddle, eventually you will get the desire to just splash right through it and, believe me, it’s worth the mess!

It’s slower, more thoughtful running

It’s less about speed and more about enjoying the trail. The varying terrain forces you to slow down, think about where you’re landing your feet, and really take in your surroundings.

You will feel badass

All you need to do is go for a trail run in pouring rain, or better yet in the snow, and tell me you don’t feel hardcore. It’s not the most important aspect of trail running, but it can’t hurt to feel a little badass every now and then.

You can take some awesome pictures – it’s kind of expected

That’s right, number 7 gives us the ability to slow things down a bit. Besides, trail running can take you to some pretty awe-inspiring places, so you should stop to take in the view,snap a pic or 10, have a snack, and be thankful for the energy and health you have to take you there.

It’s addictive!

This is definitely one of the best addictions you can have. It keeps you healthy and strong and you get to spend a lot of your free time outdoors. The tentree community gets excited about any activity that feeds a love for the outdoors.

So throw on a pair of trail runners, find a local trail, and run. Run slow, run fast, and be present. Enjoy your time spent outside.


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