10 Signs That You're Addicted To Wanderlust

So you’re obsessed with traveling.

So you’re obsessed with traveling. Well, then you’ve come to the right place! We don’t need to explain to you all the ways seeing the world can fill your heart, open your mind and leave you taken aback time and time again. There’s just one problem with being a globetrotter: you fall in love with destinations all over the world, and end up leaving little pieces of yourself everywhere along the way.

Travelers, this is for you.

So how exactly can you tell that you are one of the lucky with this “innate desire to rove”- wanderlust? You find yourself adhering to the following:

You’re always checking flight prices

You constantly check flight prices to far-flung destinations (even though you don’t have enough vacation time or money… yet).

You bug your loved ones about it

Your family gets you plane ticket vouchers and travel books for birthdays.

You’re doing whatever you can to find cash

You apply for online contests by signing up for newsletters and endlessly sharing/commenting on Facebook… anything to get a free flight. Okay, so your inbox may be consistently loaded with junk mail and (in extreme cases) you’ve even lost a few social media friends. But when you win an all expenses paid trip to Tanzania, it’s just all going to be so worth it!

You have the following “syndromes”

Anxiety Travel Disorder: the feeling you get when you haven’t been somewhere new in a really long time.

Obsessive Travel Disorder: when you find yourself planning your next trip during your current one.

Saving money is your religion

You have a big cupboard somewhere stuffed with coins and bills in foreign currencies (and let’s be honest, there’s probably something in the bottom of a purse and various jeans pockets too). You are not a hoarder – you will use this money again someday!

You’re not sure where you belong.

When people ask an easy question like where you’re from or where you live, you’re never quite sure how to answer. If you do, it’s usually something like “It’s a long story…”.

You can live on the go

Living out of a suitcase? No problem. You are well accustomed to digging through rolled-up shirts and pants. In fact, after you get home from a trip you don’t even unpack – either you’re unwilling to accept the trip is over or you started work again at 9 a.m. the next day so you can bank for the next getaway all over again.

You have a bodacious bucket list

Your bucket list is 80 percent related to travel whether it’s “do yoga in India” or “bungee jump off an Australian cliff”.

Your stuff is often lost

Somewhere, there is a Holy Grail containing all your missing T-shirts, personal items lost between countries or left accidentally on airplanes. But you’re not attached to material possessions anyway. So you don’t really care.

You know how to be a zero waste traveler

Traveling can definitely create a lot of waste. Check out our blog on how to become a zero waste traveler! 

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