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10 Songs To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Everyone knows that no summer adventure is complete without a soundtrack. Making the perfect summer playlist is an art.

Everyone knows that no summer adventure is complete without a soundtrack. Making the perfect summer playlist is an art. You’ve gotta have some chill songs, some pump up jams, some oldies that bring back memories and of course you gotta find a few new ones to spice things up!

Hopefully these ten of my favourite tunes for this summer will help you in your quest for the perfect summer playlist.


A-Punk perfectly captures the excitement that comes with the beginning of summer. It’s got such a retro feel to it too. I dare you to try not to smile while you listen to it.


If the west coast became a country, this would be our national anthem. I take this song with me everywhere I go – longboarding, camping, driving with the windows down, BBQ’s with friends – you name it, this song goes with it. Not only does it have a beachy beat going on, the lyrics perfectly describe the spirit of spontaneous adventures.


This song is an absolute classic. If this song doesn’t already have awesome memories attached to it for you, I think this summer is the time to change that.


This song rocks hard. Royal Blood is a relatively new band out of the UK taking the world by storm right now – give this song a listen and you’ll see why. I kick off every road trip with this jam to get the energy up for a long drive. The only problem you’ll have with “Figure it Out” is trying to drive straight while you play the air drums .

5) “KID ICARUS” – SAM ROBERTS BANDAnother rocking jam, Kid Icarus is an upbeat feel good tune from some good ol’ Canadian boys. Like tentree, Sam Roberts Band is native to the true north strong and free – and this song has just the right amount of energy to fuel your hikes and climbs but enough chill for beach days too!


Now for something completely different: Tops! If you like electronic dance music you’ll love this one. Perfect for windy drives with your friends under a cloudless sky, it’s a bassy song with a really “floaty” summery feel to it. Clearly my adjectives aren’t up to making this song come to life, so you’ll have to check it out for yourself.


What adventurer’s summer playlist would be complete without something from the classic Into the Wild soundtrack? At tentree, we value getting away into the great unknown and the song is about just that. Not only that, but those inspiring lyrics are being sung by the golden voice of the man, the myth, the legend: Eddie Vedder.


An absolute gem from ’73, “The Joker” has the perfect vibes for sitting out on a dock and watching the sunset. There’s a reason this song has been a summer staple for 42 years and counting… I think the swanky guitar solo has something to do with it.


I just heard this song a few weeks ago and it has not left my head since. It’s an incredibly innovative track – it mixes banjo with electronic elements and a super catchy vocal hook. This one is definitely a bit of a wildcard love-it or hate-it kind of song, but I think this one could really blow up this summer!


There’s a few rules about listening to this song. When it came out in 2013, I started a bit of a tradition with my adventure buddies. Every time we went out after dark to do something outside we would listen to “Of the Night” – but we never, ever listen to it during the day. This song has a really haunting vibe and catchy tune and in order to preserve it’s magic we only ever listen to it when there’s a good story in the making. I hope you carry on the tradition and collect some “Of the Night” stories of your own.

These are ten of my favourite summer songs – but there are countless others that could’ve been mentioned! I’d love to hear which ones you liked and which ones you’d add. Feel free to find me on instagram @zmelhus to let me know and to see more photos like these!


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