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10 Things Mother Nature Can Teach Us: Part 2

You’ve seen part 1, here is part 2 🙂

6) Acceptance

We must accept that everything in life happens for a reason.

You’ve seen part 1, here is part 2 🙂

6) Acceptance

We must accept that everything in life happens for a reason. Understanding the importance of the life and death cycle and accepting that it is natural. Disease, illness, injury or accidents happen and we can’t always control the outcome. We can nurture, care for and attempt to stop something from happening, but in the end Mother Nature often takes control and decides its course. Imagine if animals and plants did not die? There would be no space or food for new animals and plants to be born, grow and thrive.

Mother Nature also does not ask questions, she instead understands us and welcomes us. There is no judgment. Many people use the outdoors as a place they can go to escape the chaos in the city or hectic lives they may be living. The outdoors also connects people. Outdoor enthusiasts can relate to one another and we accept each other, despite our ‘quirks’

7) Balance

Life truly is about balance. Without day there is no night. Without a sunset, there is no sunrise. Without rain, there is no rainbow. Much like life. We must endure hardships, make mistakes and experience sadness and failure in order to learn, grow and appreciate the ‘happier’ days. Not every adventure is going to go as planned. We may not obtain every goal. We may not be able to jet away every weekend due to work or life ‘happenings’, but that’s life. Balance is key. Besides, by spending time away from the outdoors sometimes, we will just appreciate it that much more when we do get out.

8) Appreciation

By getting outside, we learn to appreciate the simple things like: fresh air, the smell of the pine trees, the natural beauty, the wildlife, the bodies of water, earths music created by wind, rain, birds and more. Mother Nature is beautiful and provides us with endless opportunity for adventure, happiness and healing. The benefits are endless and they are free (well for the most part). Also after spending hours outside, or days, weeks or months for that matter we learn to appreciate things like a warm shower, our own bed, home and friends and family we have spent time away from.

9) Self-worth

All things in nature were created with value. From the wildlife and pine trees and in the Rocky Mountains, to the vast, undiscovered creatures that roam the vast ocean, to those annoying weeds, diseased plants, fungi and animals that may drive us crazy, such as mosquitoes, snakes and bees. No matter big or small, prey or predator, tame or wild, fast or slow, etc. they are needed and have their own unique role within the ecosystem. Like us as human beings, all with our own unique talents, and roles in which we play in society. We all have value. ‘Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone else’s inability to see your worth.’

10) Happiness

One can work their life away, in order to save up to buy whatever it is they want. Our society has become very fast-paced, materialistic and focused around technology, social media and money in general. Too many people overlook the simple things, like getting outdoors, making memories and getting back to our ‘roots’. We don’t need a huge closet, 3 vehicles, a huge house and 20 pairs of shoes to be happy. What we really need is fresh air, sunshine and a little bit of adventure.

Check out a recent blog post of mine ‘5 Reasons Why Minimalism Will Positively Transform Your Life’. To see why at tentree we believe that by choosing to live a minimalistic life and taking full advantage of the outdoors, you are choosing true happiness.


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