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10 Ways To Benefit From 'Eco Therapy'

Bill payments.

Bill payments. Time crunches. Work pressure. Friend drama. Family feuds. Nagging colleagues. Trying to ‘fit in’. Traffic jams. Disorganization. Never ending ‘must do’ lists. City pollution. Exhaustion. Phone calls. Emails. Social media. Depression. Anxiety. Disappointments. Illness. Money troubles. Do you have a headache yet?

Life can be tough; fast paced, and can be overwhelming. We all have various therapies we resort to, to deal with these everyday stressors, whether it be: hitting the gym, a long hot bath, a yoga class, a coffee date with friends, beers with the boys, shopping sprees, counseling sessions, indulging in our favorite foods, taking medication, etc. the list goes on, though one of the most underestimated therapy tools is ‘Fresh air therapy’. Not only are there physical health benefits that come with getting out and enjoying the fresh air, it also does wonders for your mental well-being. Here are ten benefits of ecotherapy:

Disconnect from the stress of every day life

Work is stressful and your personal life can be equally as stressful filled with ‘to do’ lists that are never ending. By getting outdoors you are able to separate yourself from the pressures that build up, and focus on the present moment.

Stay grounded

It’s hard to describe the feeling you get from being outside and breathing in clean, crisp air. With all the chaos that goes on in your daily life, take a minute and go outside. It will bring you back down to earth and keep you balanced.

Clean your lungs and improve your breathing.

If you spend most of your day cooped up inside, behind a computer crunching numbers, breathing in the stale office air, anxiously waiting for the clock to hit 5:00, then you need this — step outside after work. Take a deep breath. Focus on your breathing. Be thankful for what you have. Radiate positive vibes. You’ll feel cleansed.

Keep a positive attitude

Being outdoors will put a smile on your face, the smile will probably stay with you for a long time. You may find your ‘grey’ days or moments often correlate with a lack of fresh air. I mean how can you be upset when you’re outside?

Go back to your childhood

The fresh air will bring back so many memories from when you were a kid, when you spend as much time as you can outdoors. As we grow up it seems we forget the importance of getting out of the house and enjoying mother natures playground. As kids we were climbing trees in the summer time, racking leaf piles in the fall, and making snow angels in the midst of winter — there was never a lack of fresh air.

Clear your head, think more clearly

Whenever you have a huge task ahead, a difficult decision to make, or are feeling confused and uncertain, spend time in nature. It’ll help you to think more clearly and be able work through things much easier.

Boost your immune system

Like our parents always told us, “It is important to take a walk outside after eating a meal, before playing”. Getting outdoors, walking and simply breathing in the fresh air does help with our digestion after meals, and has a way of keeping us physically healthy.

Cherish the simple things in life

A lot of people put money into the spa, gym memberships and shopping sprees. It feels good, but try shifting your mindset. Get outside and you’ll see how therapeutic it is to surround yourself with trees, mountains, and water. It’ll save you money at the same time.

Bring out the your adventurous side

There’s the quote ‘I just want to explore, and travel the world, breathing in the fresh air of new places’. This is exactly what you should do. Once you get a taste of adventure, the ‘adventure bug’ will be sure to stick with you.

Feel awake and alive

Every living organism relies on oxygen. It connects us and gives us life. It’ll not only open your eyes when you’re tired, it will also awaken your soul.

Now, before you head to the grocery store to purchase that tub of ice cream you’re planning on sitting down with, in front of a sappy movie you have watched over a dozen times, to try and make yourself feel better; or before you head to the mall and max out that credit card you’ve been working so hard to pay off; or before you phone that same friend that you vent to day after day about how much you despise your job, or perhaps before you invest in that expensive gym membership, as therapy for those everyday stresses, why not consider a little ‘fresh air therapy’? You may be amazed by its benefits.


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