10 Ways To Reuse Your Mystery Tote When It's No Longer A Mystery

Mystery bags are back!

WRITTEN BY Stephanie Elmitt

Mystery bags are back! Each mystery bag is filled with, well, mystery! But more specifically, our mystery bags contain 5 mystery tentree items resulting in 50 trees planted. Who knows what you’ll get? One thing you’re guaranteed to get out of your mystery bag is the cloth bag your items arrive in. But what can you do with your mystery bag once the contents are no longer a mystery? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Use it as a shopping bag

One favorite way to use use an old mystery bag is to use it as a reusable, cloth grocery bag! It’ll help keep plastic grocery sacks out of the landfill and might start a few conversations about what tentree does!

Use it as a beach bag

Heading to the beach this summer? The mystery bag is perfect for packing up beach toys, a snack, and your swimming clothes! The drawstring top helps keep sand out too.

Pack your lunch in it

The mystery bag is a perfect size for a packed lunch. Whether you’re headed to work or school, the bag will easily fit a sandwich, some fruit, and a can of sparkling water. Not bad for a lunch bag!

Hold your sewing supplies

The mystery bag is a perfect size for holding all of your knitting and sewing supplies! It’ll easily fit a knitting bowl, a couple rolls of yarn, your knitting needles, thread, and everything you need for sewing and knitting.

Use it to store workout clothes

Workout clothes can get stinky pretty quick! Instead of purchasing an expensive duffle bag or backpack for your workout clothes, consider carrying them in your mystery bag! These cloth bags are much easier to wash if they too start getting a bit smelly.

Make a first aid kid

Keeping a first aid kid fully stocked and available at all times is important. You never know when you may need a little medical care! But keeping your first aid supplies well organized is important. A good first aid kit should have absorbent compress dressings, 25 adhesive bandages, 1 adhesive cloth tape, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic wipes, an emergency blanket, a cold compress, nonlatex gloves, gauze pads, a 3 inch gauze roll, an oral thermometer, tweezers, and a first aid guide.

Freshen up your closet

Closets can become musty places over time. Fortunately, you can use your mystery bag to freshen things up! Just put a bit of potpourri or another fragrent item in the bag and allow it to hang in your closet.

Keep it for a trick or treat bag

Why take a single-use plastic shopping bag trick-or-treating this Halloween when you can use your old mystery bag? You can even grab some markers, glitter glue, and paints to spice up your mystery bag. Draw on some ghosts, bats, and jack-o-lanterns to make your mystery bag extra spooky.

Use it as a gift bag

Every year in the US alone, more than $12 billion worth of gift wrapping paper is purchased. Most of it is discarded without being recycled. Instead of purchasing gift wrap, consider using your mystery bag as a way to conceal the gift until opened! Plus then, the person receiving the gift has an awesome new bag. You can even send them this blog to give them some creative ideas.

Keep small toys organized

Small toys, like Lego blocks for example, are easy to lose and difficult to keep track of. Your mystery bag can help! It’s the perfect size for keeping your kids’ smaller toys organized. No more stepping on Legos left on the floor.

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