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10 Ways Trees Make Our Lives Better

Trees are are one of the main reasons that there is life on this planet.

Trees are are one of the main reasons that there is life on this planet. We sometimes take that for granted. Here is why trees are so important to us. 10 ways trees improve your life (and make it possible):

Trees produce oxygen

Trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen using a process called photosynthesis. “On average, one tree produces nearly 260 pounds of oxygen each year. Two mature trees can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.” (Environment Canada, Canada’s national environmental agency)

Trees improve soil

Phytoremediation is the use of plants to absorb dangerous chemicals and pollutants in soil. During phytoremediation plants roots will store harmful pollutants or change the pollutant into a less harmful form.

Trees support biodiversity

Animals use trees for shelter, nesting, mating and food. Trees create habitats that support the large variety of animals on the planet. When tentree plants trees we are not just planting trees, we are also supporting all the other plants and animals they shelter.

Trees reduce the greenhouse effect

Carbon sequestration is the intake and storage of carbon. Using the process of photosynthesis trees convert carbon dioxide to oxygen and store the carbon in their wood. Preserving and increasing the world’s forests is one of the best natural ways to reduce global warming.

Trees produce fruits and nuts

Trees produce some of the most nutritious and delicious foods on the planet. Without tree’s we wouldn’t have oranges, avocados, pecans, or many other food staples.

Trees prevent soil erosion

Trees reduce soil erosion by protecting the soil from the impact of rain and by binding soil to sloping land with their roots. Deforestation of Madagascar’s central highlands has resulted in mass soil erosion, in some areas as much as 400 tons/hectare per year ( From satellite pictures we are able to see that the country is legitimately eroding into the ocean. When tentree was alerted to the situation in Madagascar, we added it as one of our major tree-planting sites. Officially we have planted over 2,000,000 trees in Madagascar to combat soil erosion and protect the biological diversity of the country.

Trees provide shade

Trees reduce evaporation and temperature in urban and forested areas by providing shade from the sun.

Trees Filter the Air

Trees trap particle pollutants such as smoke, ash, and dust that can damage human’s lungs. Trees leaves and bark do so by filtering particulates from the air before they are washed to the ground by rain. Trees also reduce carbon dioxide and other dangerous gaseous pollutants in the atmosphere by absorbing them through the pores of their leaf surface.

Trees Improve Mental Heath

Studies have found that being in nature causes improved cognitive function, memory, and discipline. If you’re feeling stressed, sometimes taking a walk in nature is exactly what the doctor should prescribe.

Trees bring communities together

Tree planting creates an opportunity for communities to come together and empower themselves to improve the quality of their lives and the world we live in. tentree brings together whole communities at our tree planting sites; people from all different backgrounds come together with the united goal of improving the planet we all live in.

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