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10 Zero Waste Bloggers To Get You Started

Once you’ve made the decision to strive toward being zero waste, it can be hard to know exactly where to begin.

Once you’ve made the decision to strive toward being zero waste, it can be hard to know exactly where to begin. Fortunately, there are some great bloggers and vloggers out there to help you get started on your journey. Below are 10 of our favorite, most inspiring zero waste advocates.

Going Zero Waste

For Kathryn, her journey toward a zero waste lifestyle had a lot to do with her health. In college, she experienced health issues that she tied back to unhealthy chemicals found in beauty and cleaning products. Now she seeks to help other people live a healthier, waste-free life. “We aim to send nothing to a landfill. We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot,” she writes in her website’s “about” section. Visit Going Zero Waste.

Zero Waste Home

“From a blog to a movement.” That’s how Zero Waste Home describes itself on their main page. What started as a blog written by Bea Johnson became a series of informative books and even an app to help you find bulk goods in your area. Visit Zero Waste Home.

Zero Waste Chef

Anyone who does any amount of cooking (which, let’s face it, is pretty much everybody) knows just how much waste is involved with food. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Zero Waste Chef offers guidance on how to cook with no packaging, no waste, and no processed foods. Visit Zero Waste Chef.


Litterless is another excellent zero waste blog written by a self described environmental organizer and writer. Their focus is on anything and everything that can help reduce the amount of waste you produce. Visit Litterless.

My Zero Waste

According to their website, “ is all about reducing and removing our personal contribution to waste and environmental contamination.” My Zero Waste covers a wide range of topics, from how to deal with unwanted junk mail to the litter polluting our oceans. Visit My Zero Waste.

Wild Minimalist

Wild Minimalist, written by bloggers Max and Lily, is geared toward helping people reduce their reliance on plastic in particular, but other forms of waste as well. They’re reaching their objective by offering alternatives to as many types of single-use and disposable products as possible. Visit Wild Minimalist.

Trash Is For Tossers

Lauren Singer was an Environmental Studies student living in New York City when she learned about Bea Johnson, who produced little to no garbage. She’d always been interested in reducing her waste footprint, but Bea inspired her to take it even further. Trash Is For Tossers is a blog that documents her journey to a zero waste lifestyle and advice for others seeking to do the same. Visit Trash Is For Tossers.

Zero Waste Guy

Jonathan Levy, otherwise known as Zero Waste Guy, is working to become an expert in zero waste. His background is in exactly that: 10 years of experience in supply chain optimization, waste characterization analysis, and more. Now he helps others go zero waste by assessing their needs, developing a plan, and implementing that plan. Visit Zero Waste Guy.

Rob Greenfield

“From drunk dude to dude making a difference.” Rob describes himself as “an adventurer, environmental activist, humanitarian, and dude making a difference.” His blog covers a range of subjects, from reducing food waste to biking across the country. He is perhaps most famous for his Trash Me project, where he wore a suit of all the trash he created for 30 days to show just how much garbage the average person produced. Visit Rob Greenfield’s blog.

Sedona Christina

Sedona Christina is a vegan, zero waste vlogger on YouTube who has dedicated her channel to intentional living, creativity, wellness, self care, and best of all: being eco friendly and going zero waste. With more than 130,000 subscribers, her channel is a great place to go for ethical, plastic free ideas. Visit Sedona Christina’s YouTube channel.


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