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11 Of The Best Nature Jobs For Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ditch the desk and explore 11 of the best careers in nature.

Let’s be honest: working in an office, with the grey cubicles and fluorescent lighting, isn’t for everyone. For those who love getting outside on the weekends, a nature career sounds pretty enticing, but finding jobs for nature lovers isn’t always an easy task.

If you’re the type of person who can’t sit still in front of a computer for 8 hours (who can blame you?) and would rather be exploring the great unknown, then perhaps you’re meant for a nature job that will lead you to beautiful landscapes and remote places. Here are the 10 best nature jobs for you to explore.


1. Tree planter

Tree planting is fulfilling, though at times a very very difficult job. The days are long, the work is hard, but few careers are more rewarding. And if you’re looking for a job in the woods, this is it! While tentree doesn’t currently have any job openings for tree planting, here’s how to get yourself a nature job in the tree planting field. If you’re interested in working for trees but not necessarily planting them, check out our current job openings.


tree planter


2. Conservation Scientist

“Conservation science” is basically a fancy term for forestry, a nature career that involves taking care of the land and natural resources — and protecting the environment at the same time.

These are the folks who help governments and landowners make decisions on the best and most practical ways to use land, like managing parks, forests, and other natural areas. They’re similar to, but not the same as, environmental scientists — who are more concerned with the study of air, land, water, and soil, and how they can protect the earth from man-made things like pollution, fracking, or urbanization. Both these nature jobs allow you to give back to the earth, while also helping out your fellow humans, too.


3. Geologist

If volcanoes, rocks, and the mystery of the ocean floor fascinate you, then geology might be a possibility. Geologists study the materials that make up the earth, applying physics, chemistry, biology, and math to their work.

Companies hire geologists to find and examine mineral deposits, and often send them overseas — so if you love to travel (as well as rocks and the earth’s natural formation), this might be for you.


4. Zoologist/Wildlife Biologist

There is perhaps no other nature career that could help you embrace the beauty of nature more than zoology, the study of animals, and how they live and interact within their own ecosystems.

It’s a selfless job that keeps you out in the field (or in the zoo!) and will help you appreciate the world that we share with diverse, fascinating critters, from insects to elephants.


5. Botanist

The beauty of nature lies not only in the science of it, but also its inherent art and design. Perhaps this is what attracts people to botany and gardening, or the study and care of plants. Botany is a large field, there are a lot of different jobs working with plants out there.

They’ve been used in medicine, foods, and conservation since the beginning of human existence. Since botany is such a broad field, you can try out different types, like field botany (searching for new plant species), or medicinal botany, in which you would help search for new plants to treat diseases.


6. Park Ranger

Probably one of the coolest nature jobs that exist is being a park ranger. You get to remain outdoors most of the time, assist park guests, search for lost hikers, lead tours and get to hang out in some of the most beautiful natural parks in the world — surrounded by mountains, preserved lakes and streams, and gorgeous scenery.


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7. Archaeologist

As the career of Indiana Jones, archaeology involves solving the mysteries of the ancient world (although it may not be as thrilling and dramatic as Indy’s movies).

Archaeologists examine ancient land sites that were inhabited by people hundreds and thousands of years ago, often in foreign countries, and search for clues to humanity’s past.


8. Landscape Architect

Landscape architects (and some urban designers) get to make the world a better place by planning out areas in cities to build parks and preserve some green and natural beauty.


9. Organic Farmer / Urban farmer

Farming is an obvious one, and also seemingly outdated. But the organic foods industry has grown so much in recent years that more and more organic farmers are taking matters into their own hands and improving the way food is produced in the world.

If you live in a city, have no fear, you can join sustainable urban farms that plant crops on rooftops or in designated parks as a way to bring nature into the concrete jungle.


10. Photographer

Travel photographers get to be some of the most free-spirited artists as they move from place to place, searching for the next best sunset, passing portrait, or remarkable moment.

Since photographers aim to document the world, hiding out at home is rarely an option. Getting up and out the door is always the first marker of a wild new adventure for them.


11. Reforestation

Last but not least, companies and organizations like tentree focus on planting trees in areas that can use the extra oxygen supply, wood for fuel, and the natural beauty of greenery. Tree planting is the ultimate nature career!

Reforestation gets you working in the woods and helps prevent flooding and other negative environmental effects that occur from clearing forests. Just one tree can make the biggest difference — whether for a village or one person — in making the world a better place.


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