12 Things a Girl is Probably Thinking about on a Hike

There are many thoughts going through a girl’s head when she is out on a hike, however here are a handful that may or may not come across our minds as we are trekking through the woods.

There are many thoughts going through a girl’s head when she is out on a hike, however here are a handful that may or may not come across our minds as we are trekking through the woods.

1) We probably forgot something; it was either important or minor.

In the case of an important item, such as a rain jacket, we will often exaggerate the consequences for such a mistake. “Now I will die of hypothermia if it rains, goodbye world!” comes to mind. Two or three miles of thoughts about this mistake may be devoted to our hike, oh and there is a zero percent chance of rain today.

2) We think about applying sunscreen without actually applying it.

Obviously the smart thing to do would be putting sunscreen on before the hike, however most girls are not this proactive. Every mile it will cross our mind to stop and gob the white stuff on, but every mile we say ‘one more mile won’t hurt,’ that thought reoccurs until we resemble a lobster.

3) Yes, we are thinking about running into cute guys on the hike.

There is really nothing better than a mountain man fantasy. We have a lot of time to think about the bearded strong brazen man complimenting us on our strong legs and fine sense of direction. Obsessing over this also helps pass the time.

4) We are really good at math problems in our heads.

‘So if I walked 3 miles and it took us 53 mins but that was uphill and we have 16 miles to go and part of that is uphill we can times 53 mins by this and…” yeah we do this a lot, and it makes us better than any GPS system.

5) We are hungry and we think about it a lot.

We like to keep this to ourselves to not look like hunger stricken scavengers but we think a lot about when we get to stop and eat. This is where we start our math calculations again to figure out how long we can go without food.

6) We think about how pretty stuff is even when we don’t say it.

Being a tentree supporter we all have nature on our minds. So when a turquoise lake pops into view and we already told the group how pretty it looks three times already, we are still thinking about how pretty it looks.

7) We think a lot about future plans and we start to dream a little.

We don’t really like to plan too far ahead in life but when it comes to hiking up a beautiful mountain in the prime of our lives the future comes to mind. Marriage, kids, house, where to live and all other silly life things happen to cross our mind. Only momentarily however, our mind soon switches to when we will get to eat again.

8) We add to the list.

We are on a hike so we obviously have more hikes planned. As we are hiking, thoughts are devoted to new items for our hiking list. It could be a hike your friend mentioned or a mountain you see across the valley, but we always end up wanting to do more.

9) We don’t think about our hair.

It probably looks like a wind blown mess but we really don’t care. We are not that type of girl. We may think about attempting to fix our hair but usually end up getting distracted by a squirrel or a mountain instead.

10) We think about how we can protect the environment.

It will often cross our minds on how we can do more to help preserve places like the one we may be hiking in. Planting trees, like tentree, and doing other measures that may help the environment is what we are all about.

11) As much as we love the hike we are filled with happy thoughts when it’s over.

We think about the accomplishment of the day or weekend and how lucky we are to be so strong and able to enjoy the outdoors.

12) How did we do anything else before this?

This thought enters our minds quite often. If there was ever a time where we didn’t hike or make the most of the outdoors, we wonder how we ever survived without it.

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