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20 Little Freedoms We Take For Granted Every Day

If you live in a first world country, you likely have access to a myriad of little things that are easy to take for granted.

If you live in a first world country, you likely have access to a myriad of little things that are easy to take for granted. Sometimes, being grateful can for these little things can put things in perspective — even if it seems kind of silly.

Running hot/cold water

When all else fails, at least you can come home and take a nice hot shower. Many people in the world don’t have access to clean water.

Having access to transportation

You don’t have to walk uphill both ways to get to school or work; it’s likely you have a car or can take public transit. A lot of people in rural villages throughout the world are too far away from school, food, or proper medical care to access it easily.

The Internet and access to information

If we have a question all we have to do is Google it, and copious amounts of history and research pops up. And knowledge is power. How amazing is that?


If you can say “Let there be light!” and immediately have light by flicking a switch, you’re pretty darn lucky.

Shelter and a roof over your head

While true adventurers know to be grateful even when they’re sleeping in the woods or in a tent, your average day typically involves being safe from the elements because you have shelter. This is one of the most basic human needs.

Your health

Every day you wake up, you should be grateful that you have your health and that your limbs move, allowing you to walk. Many of us don’t think about it on a daily basis, but it’s one of the greatest freedoms to have.

You likely have both a computer and a smartphone

And even if you don’t have both, one digital device is enough to be thankful for!

Someone somewhere loves you.

Yes, it’s true, even if it’s just your mom. You matter to people, and at your lowest times it’s important to remember that.


Yes, humans take trees and their many benefits for granted — it’s why they’re chopping them down, oblivious to the harm they’re wreaking on the environment. Trees come with plenty of benefits for humans and the environment; they make the world a better, safer place. And that’s why following in tentree’s footsteps is so important.

Opposable thumbs

They’re essentially the reason why we evolved to be at the top of the food chain like we are, and they give us the ability to write, paint, hold things, etc. Thank goodness for thumbs.

The sky

Have you ever stopped to take a look at it and get lost in its overwhelming beauty? It will make you feel like your time on earth is truly lucky and precious.

Our access to amazing, incredible nature

It’s easy to forget that as living things, we’ve been given a chance to explore and see some beautiful sights — from mountains to oceans. That is pretty cool. We’re also a part of nature ourselves, and that’s something to be proud of — and something to cherish.

Our five senses

They afford us the chance to experience things and have a pleasant existence. The taste of mac n cheese, the sight of a gorgeous colourful tree, or the smell of fresh air in the mountains.

Simple pleasures

Things like coffee, driving with the windows rolled down, a good walk or hike, or even hugging a tree. It’s the simple things that make life worthwhile and enjoyable.

The sun

Without it, we wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t be able to see all the beautiful things our world has to offer.

Homemade meals

It’s not until you go off to college or move to a new city that you begin to miss your parents’ home-cooked meals. But soon you’ll find that cooking at home on your own is quite nice too.

Proper nutrition

A major chunk of the human population doesn’t have access to fresh food, meat, or nutrition. Some 795 million people don’t eat enough food every day to live an active life. But many of us have enough money to go to the grocery store whenever we want.


If you had a chance to go to high school and college, that’s more than most people in developing countries ever have a chance to do. Appreciate education and learning.


We’re lucky we live in a society where people can speak their minds and exchange ideas, and we can use books to sharpen our minds.


Yep, we’ve probably all can grab some Advil if we have a headache. Life is easy when we have access to medicine.


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