4 Reasons To Kayak The Islands Of Haida Gwaii

Off the coast of British Columbia is a patch of islands that offer an experience unlike anywhere else in Canada.

Off the coast of British Columbia is a patch of islands that offer an experience unlike anywhere else in Canada. Here you will find historic ruins and an abundance of wildlife that make these islands a must see. Getting to the Islands of Haida Gwaii requires one of two options, either a short plane ride or a seven-hour ferry ride.  You will want to be sure that the journey over is as comfortable as possible so make sure to throw on some comfy pants and a hoodie while you travel to the islands.

Here are 4 reason you have to check these islands out:

1.  Ancient Ruins

The multiple ancient ruins of the Haida native’s ancestors. Each of these hauntingly beautiful villages tells a story of the past in physical form. A heartwarming welcome from the local Haida Natives will await you at each site as they live at these ruins to maintain and preserve them for future tourists to see.

2.  Incredible Ecosystems

The untamed ecosystem among these islands will give you one of the most primitive wildlife experiences in your lifetime. The world famous Burnaby Narrows holds one of the most diverse inter-tidal zones in the world.  If you are lucky, spot scouring the shores Canada’s largest breed of black bear. Rise in the morning to humpback’s dancing off the shores and visualize an abundance of bald eagles hovering the skyline. Take a walk inward the islands and find mossy forests straight out of a fairytale land.

3.  Abandoned Equipment


Like most places on earth the industrialized world has reached many corners of it. What you will be interested to find is the abandoned remains of logging equipment from the 1940’s. One island beholds a trail where you will find 75 year old boots growing out of stumps, cables sprouting like roots at your feet and a haunting graveyard in the overgrown forest as if an entire society just picked up where they were and left it all behind.

4.  True Adventure (no tourists)

To the adventurer who prefers to feel like the only person around, you will find that coming across other people will be few and far between. These islands give you sense of being the first to discover a new land.  Those brave enough to face the silence will find that they come out of this enchanted land with their soul completely renewed.

It may take some effort to experience these pristine islands but you will be rewarded with an experience of a place very few people have been fortunate to see.  tentree prides itself on being environmentally friendly and plants ten trees for every piece sold in order to keep places like this so preserved.

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