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5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Christmas Trees

According to a recent poll, 46% of Americans consider Christmas to be their favorite holiday.

According to a recent poll, 46% of Americans consider Christmas to be their favorite holiday. There are lots of ways to get into the holiday spirit, including putting up a Christmas tree. But a fake or live tree might not be the most eco friendly choice. What are some eco-friendly alternatives?

Get a live, potted tree

Around the holiday season, many nurseries will carry common pine trees used as Christmas trees. These trees are live, potted, and can be planted in the ground in the spring. It’s definitely not difficult to grow your own Christmas tree too. This is one of our favorite takes on the Christmas tree! Instead of a tree being cut down, a tree is planted. If you don’t have space in your yard for a new tree every year, consider donating to someone who does!

Decorate an outdoor tree

One of the earliest incarnations of the “Christmas tree” wasn’t actually cut down, but left to stand outdoors! Pagans are said to have decorated a Yule Tree, which typically was not cut down but left growing in nature, with decorations that symbolized the sun, moon and stars as they appeared in depictions of the Tree of Life. Perhaps take inspiration from this Pagan ritual and decorate an outdoor tree instead!

Rent a tree

If chopping down a Christmas tree isn’t your style, you’re not up for the responsibility of caring for a potted tree, and you’re not ready to stand around outside in the cold decorating an outdoor tree, there are numerous companies that offer rented Christmas trees. They’ll come drop off the tree then take it away after the holidays are over. No fuss! Rented trees aren’t available everywhere, so you’ll have to do some research to see what’s available in your neck of the woods.

Decorate an indoor plant

Who said that a Christmas tree even needs to be a tree? Why not a Christmas fern or a Christmas cactus? Any house plant will do as long as you’re happy with it! If decoration isn’t your speed, you can pick out a naturally Christmas-like plant, like a poinsettia.

Get creative and go treeless

If you just don’t want to deal with a Christmas tree, you can get creative and go treeless. Just about any object or objects that can form a triangle shape can serve as a DIY Christmas tree. A ladder can be decorated like a tree, or even a pyramidal stack of books can have lights strung around them. You can also go the Festivus route and put up a pole! Whatever feels right to you, go for it!


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