5 Essential People To Bring Camping

There is something about hiking up a mountain, making food over a fire, and sleeping on the ground that brings people together.

There is something about hiking up a mountain, making food over a fire, and sleeping on the ground that brings people together. The enjoyment of this experience strongly relies on the people involved, so here are my 5 essential people to bring camping. Which one are you?

1) The Chef

This contributor, despite the name, generally does not make food for a living in their everyday life. However, they have an ability to please a hungry crowd. They possess the skill and confidence to make just about any meal, anywhere. Usually perfectly prepared pancakes, eggs and bacon are enough to impress some hungry campers, but let’s say you’re in the mood for something different. If you throw them a little peanut butter, some gluten free pasta and your leftover trail mix, they will know what to do. ‘The Chef’ can make anybody a happy camper and is much appreciated in return.

2) The Woodsman

This, often bearded, forest creature was raised by Mother Nature herself. They know how to make use of their environment while treating it with the fullest respect. While you struggle with your faulty tent, this woodsmen will have constructed a fire and gathered enough firewood before you even realize they were gone. Thankfully, even though their sleeping bag will most likely be set up under the stars, The Lumberjack is generally kind enough to help set up that tent of yours and may even offer you some extra layers to stay warm.

3) The Story Teller

Also known as the photographer, this member of the group is very perceptive and enjoys capturing the moment. While they are taking photos with their usually above average camera, they will develop a well-rounded skill set from observing the other campers. You can also rely on the ‘Story Teller’ to keep you thoroughly entertained around the campfire with a song, some kind of stringed instrument, and unlimited stories of their past experiences in the wild. Do something exceedingly outlandish and you could find yourself in a future campfire tale.

4) The Doctor

During many of my experiences camping, there have been legitimate nurses in training who didn’t hesitate in tending to my cuts and scrapes. It’s great to have someone on board who is actually medically trained, but in this case training is not essential to be the ‘Doctor’. The best way to establish yourself in this role is to always have medical supplies for just about any level of emergency and are constantly looking out for the safety of others. It is only until you gash your foot open on a submerged lava rock or sprain your ankle while pretending to be a bear that this hero’s willingness will be fully appreciated.

5) The Rookie

The amateur, the tenderfoot, the new kid on the block. This person is simply inexperienced and may have only been on one or two camping trips, but is obviously itching for some more nature in their life. They will often pack too heavy and obliviously forget the bare necessities. However, as long as this true underdog wants to contribute and is eager to learn then they will be an asset. Plus, with the combined gear and knowledge of the other campers, the ‘Rookies’ sloppy preparation will not be problem.

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