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5 Reasons Why tentree Loves Fall

It’s that time of year again.

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter, students are going back to school and the leaves are slowly changing. If you’re anything like me, you might be sad to see summer go, but I promise that this fall can be just as amazing.

1) Harvest Time

I love the fall because everywhere you look there is an abundance of fresh fruits and veggies… for cheap! It’s really easy to buy locally this time of year too. Most farmers markets will be flooded with stock. Too easy? Head out to a U-pick in the country. For a slightly cheaper price you can harvest your own produce and that way you know exactly where it came from! This makes for a rather fun thing to do on a date or with little kiddos in tow.

2) The National Parks are Quiet

Love hiking but find the large crowds in the national parks frustrating? No worries! If you go this time of year you are still getting fairly warm temperatures and there are significantly less people out on the trails. It’s also handy to go in the slow season because everything from accommodations to kitschy souvenirs are much cheaper. So get out there and enjoy those classic views all to yourself!

3) The Skies are Alive!

In the fall it is a great time time to go sky watching. The clouds are usually fewer in numbers when it’s cool, so grab a cozy tentree hoodie and a buddy to go stargazing with. Although it’s not the prime time of year for the Milky Way, it will still be view-able. Also, the aurora is much easier to see during the cooler months. If you live in Alberta, I suggest heading out to Jasper for their dark sky festival, it’s a pretty cool event.

4) Colorful Leaves

Take advantage of the beautiful display that Mother Nature is laying out this time of year. The trees look incredible in their fall colours! You won’t regret an afternoon stroll through the forest, just don’t forget your camera!

5) Cozy Camping

Camping in the fall is such a wonderful thing. Nobody is around, the fire feels extra welcoming and when you wake up to the crisp frost, you’ll discover it has turned the world into a quiet and beautiful place. It’s also a great excuse to cuddle up to that special someone, what’s not to love?

So get out there and enjoy everything that fall has to offer. We know that just because it’s getting a little cooler doesn’t mean it will stop our fellow tentree adventurers from heading out and enjoying the wild.

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