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6 Creative Ways To Upcycle Your tentree Tree Code Tokens

With every item purchased from the tentree store, ten trees are planted.

With every item purchased from the tentree store, ten trees are planted. We want our customers to know a little bit about those trees, so we ship a small, metal token with each item purchased with a code printed on it that allows you to see where the trees are planted and what kind of impact they’re having. After that, our customers choose what to do with the tokens!

We asked some of our ambassadors what they like to do with their tree code tokens once they’ve inputted them into our site. Here are some of their ideas!

Make a bookmark

tentree ambassador Angella Pawliw uses their tentree tree code token as a bookmark! While we’re on the subject, do you need a few good book recommendations? Check out our blog about the 10 best environmental books to read! Thanks for the suggestion, Angella!

Get creative with crafts

“I fill my son’s pinch pots that they made in grade school,” says Martha Wilkes, a tentree ambassador. “Finally found a way to use the ceramics.” This is a really creative way to upcycle your tentree tree code tokens! Thanks for the suggestion, Martha!

Make a necklace

Vera Signoroni, a tentree ambassador, made a necklace with one of her tokens as well as an electroplated leaf. “It’s an eye-catcher!” The electroplated leaf is a great touch too! Definitely a reminder of how important trees are to us. Thanks for the suggestion, Vera!

Tree ornaments

tentree ambassador Kelsey Chow shows us that our tree code tokens make great ornaments for trees! “Mine are hanging on my Norfolk Pine.” Great idea, Kelsey! Add a touch of eco friendly glitter to the token and you’ll have an eye-catching Christmas tree ornament too!

Spruce up your office space

“Isn’t super creative, but I put them on a band and have them hanging on my desk,” writes tentree ambassador Nick Jones. “I may wear it as a bracelet but I love to have them on display to show people!” We think it’s pretty creative, Nick! Thanks for the suggestion.

Make a mala

A mala is a simple string of beads used in meditation to count mantras, prayers, or intentions. tentree ambassador Joanie Turcotte added one in a mala that she made herself. What a cool idea! Thanks for sharing your mala with us, Joanie!


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