6 Incredible Creatures Found Only In The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest covers over 2 million square miles in 9 different countries in South America.

The Amazon Rainforest covers over 2 million square miles in 9 different countries in South America.  The Amazon Rainforest is home to some of the most incredible animals on Earth.  Along with a variety of plants, there are over 1,294 species of birds, 378 species of reptiles, 3,000 species of fish, 427 species of amphibians and 427 species of mammals.  Below are 6 that I think are most incredible

Goliath Birdeater Spider

Spiders are my worst nightmare…even the small ones.  So, I would hate to walk up on one of these monsters.  These spiders can grow to the size of a puppy and weigh more than 6 oz!  Despite its name, the main prey of this spider is small mammals, insects and earthworms.  And, while its 1.5 inch long fangs contain a venom, it is not poisonous to humans.

Glass Frogs

This frog is aptly named as you can actually see its internal organs through its skin if you look at it from its underside.  You can even see its heart pumping.  The back of the frog is a light lime green color.  It resembles a tree frog and is small; only growing from 1.5 to 3 inches in adulthood.

Amazon River Dolphins

While many of the creatures of the Amazon Rainforest are pretty creepy, this one is as cute and playful as the more familiar saltwater dolphins.  Natives believe these pink mammals have mystical powers.  They exist on a diet of shellfish, fish and turtles

Poison Dart Frog

Names for the fact that natives use the poisonous toxin this frog secretes through its skin to poison the tips of their blow darts.  Their bright colors are an indication to predators that they are poisonous and are to be avoided.  These frogs are good parents and will carry their tadpoles on their backs until they find a suitable “pond” in a tree leaf to place them in.  Both parents will then continue to protect the young until they reach adulthood.

Morpho Butterfly

These gorgeous, brightly colored butterflies can grow to a size of 3 to almost 8 inches across, depending on species.  They are usually colored a metallic, shimmery shade of blue or green, but some species are orange and brown.  They can usually be found around streams or other bright places in the forest.  They are strong flyers and even birds have a hard time catching them.

Basilisk Lizard

This lizard is also known as the Jesus Christ Lizard for its ability to literally run across the surface of water.  When running across water, it only uses its hind legs that are equipped with flaps of skin between its toes that allows it to stay afloat.  It can run at speeds of up to 5 mph!  Even if it does happen to sink, these lizards have been known to survive underwater for 30 minutes, which is usually enough time for them to reach shore.

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