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6 Things I Love About The Month Of March

It’s hard to pick a favorite month of the year.

It’s hard to pick a favorite month of the year. Each of them is special in its own way! March holds a dear spot in my heart for a number of reasons. Here’s 8 reasons way I can’t get enough of March.

1. Flu season is finally over.

March marks the end of one of my least favorite things about the winter: cold and flu season. From about November through February, it seems like everyone is constantly sick! When March comes around, flu season is usually coming to an end. Thank goodness!

2. The days are getting longer.

Finally! At the beginning of March, the days start feeling like they’re actually days again. The sun is starting to rise earlier and set later. It’s nice feeling like I have a little more day to be a person.

3. Stuff starts growing again.

Where I am, located in Oregon, things start popping up out of the ground in January, but it’s not until March that things really get cooking. Moss covers nearly every branch, the grass is lush and green, daffodils and crocuses are in full bloom. It’s so perfect and lush.

4. More outside time.

March is my time to shine in the garden. I spend hours out there getting it ready to grow again. March also brings some of my favorite hiking weather. Not freezing like in December or baking like in July. Juuuust right.

5. Sweater weather.

In March, many of us can finally start getting rid of our bulky winter clothes and start wearing lighter things like sweaters and hoodies. Of course, where I live, you’d better bring a rainproof jacket too.

6. Three words: National Puppy Day.

Every March 23rd is national puppy day, a day that I consider to be important. It raises awareness for all of the homeless animals currently sitting in animal shelters and it’s also the day I brought home my four legged friend. March 23rd, mark your calendar!


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