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7 Apps That Help You Live More Sustainably

Seven amazing apps to help you level up your everyday sustainability.
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WRITTEN BY Rhya Johnston-Wallace

Happy World Environmental Day from your friendly neighbourhood environmentor. This World Environmental Day is a great time to reflect on how far you’ve come in your sustainability journey, and how much further you can go. Since New Year’s resolutions have a bad habit of falling by the wayside, why not revisit your eco-goals and see where you’re at?

You know our motto: big change starts small. And what if your big changes started as small as…downloading an app. Today we’ll share 7 amazing apps to help you level up your everyday sustainability.


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Good On You

Use it for: making more sustainable choices when you shop.

Good On You is an amazing source for decoding the world of sustainable fashion. It can be tough to know when a brand is really worth investing in for their sustainability practices and when you’re being green-washed. The Good On You app takes the guesswork out of it and holds brands accountable for their statements and practices.


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Use it for: calculating the carbon footprint of your grocery shopping.

Discovering this app was a major aha moment. Evocco is an app that takes data points on food around the world and uses them to help you make greener choices at the grocery store. Just snap a picture of your grocery bill in the app, and it will calculate your carbon footprint while giving you tips to improve your future grocery hauls! Spoiler alert: you might want to rethink your at-home almond milk lattes.


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Use it for: Connecting with fellow composters in your hood.

If you’re as passionate about composting as we are — this one’s for you. And even if you’re not…this is still for you. ShareWaste connects people who love to compost, making food for their gardens, with people that have lots of food waste! Their network is huge so you can even use it when you travel with the app. Your Airbnb doesn’t have compost? No problem, your next-door neighbour would love to take it off your hands. Waste sharing programs like this one reduce the amount of food that ends up in landfills while creating a sense of community, encouraging green thinking on a large scale.


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Use it for: ridding yourself of wasteful paper junk mail.

PaperKarma lets you virtually unsubscribe from all the annoying, wasteful paper junk you receive IRL. This one’s only for our friends in the USA, but has the power to stop paper waste on a massive scale. PaperKarma has access to all the major mailing directories in the country, allowing you to opt-out with a few taps.


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Ecosia Search Engine

Use it for: planting trees with your searches

Ecosia is pretty brilliant, and although we might be a little biased as fellow tree-planters, we hope you’ll think the same. By downloading Ecosia to your Google Chrome web browser, they’ll plant trees when you search. Ecosia turns its profit from Google display ads into tree-planting funds as part of its mission to reforest the world.



water tap



Use it for: finding refillable water stations wherever you go.

We’ve all been there: carrying around a reusable water bottle all day with nowhere to refill it and a dry mouth. Tap makes refilling your water bottle easy on a global scale. With a massive network all over the world, Tap pinpoints water refill stations on their map so you’ll never have to buy a disposable water bottle (or go thirsty) ever again.


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Use it for: offsetting life’s (not-so-sustainable) daily pleasures by planting trees.

Sustainability doesn’t mean giving up everything you love. Our Climate+ subscription and packages take the guilt out of your everyday pleasures like extra steamy showers and avocado toast. We’ve calculated how much tree planting will offset everything from weekend getaways to new smartphones and made them into no-fuss offset packages that you can purchase whenever you’re feeling green.


Living sustainably can be as easy as downloading a few apps. If we all committed to making use of these few apps, think of all the waste we could reduce, trees we could plant, and better choices we could make. Download now, thank us later.


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