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7 Things tentree Is Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Being a part of the movement to plant trees and protect our world is truly incredible.

Being a part of the movement to plant trees and protect our world is truly incredible. Since it’s Thanksgiving in Canada, and being a Canadian-based company, we wanted to take a moment and share with everyone some of the people and things we are most thankful for.

Our customers

Our customers come first on this list because without all of you fine folks supporting us, we wouldn’t have been able to plant 24 million trees. You help keep this movement alive and play a huge role in the types of products we offer. You are truly the driving force behind tentree and we are thankful for you!

Our ambassadors

We are so fortunate to have so many people sign up for our ambassador program. Ambassadors participate in Earth-friendly challenges and campaigns, help spread the word about our brand, get sweet discounts on tentree gear, and best of all, help us get even more trees planted? Want to sign up to be a tentree ambassador? Check out our application form here!

Our passionate team

Currently, there are more than 60 dedicated tentree team members that help keep this brand on track and moving forward! Everyone on the team brings a unique perspective and skill to the table, whether they’re a designer, a sales representative, a customer support agent, or a particularly talented blog writer, we are thankful for everyone who’s joined the tentree family!

Our hard working tree planters

Planting trees is not an easy job. The effort that goes into nursing the trees to life from seed then hauling them into nature for planting can’t be understated. The terrain, the bugs, the weather; it makes it one of the most challenging jobs around. Without them, there’s no way we could have planted 24 million trees! Thank you to our tree planters!

Our manufacturers

It’s important to us that we maintain an ethical supply chain from start to finish. Everyone who works for tentree, from our manufacturers to our tree planters, are paid living, middle class wages and are not subjected to poor working conditions. We don’t see the people manufacturing our garments as resources to exploit but as human beings to celebrate! We are so thankful for the people who work so hard to make our clothes and accessories. We couldn’t do it without them!

Sustainable farmers

Like tree planting, farming is not an easy job. It takes skill and endless amounts of hard work. Without farmers growing and harvesting crops like hemp and organic cotton, our products wouldn’t be possible! Each of the materials we use comes from a sustainable source, which helps us on our way to being the most eco progressive brand in the world.

What trees do for us

Trees do so many wonderful things for us. They provide habitat for wildlife, sustainable lumber for shelter, clean air, and so much more! The trees we’ve been planting also help clean water and prevent erosion, and they even feed farmers and their communities! We’re definitely hugging some trees today!

So to our customers, our ambassadors, our team, our tree planters, our manufacturers, sustainable farmers, and the trees themselves, we say THANK YOU!


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