8 Amazing Hot Springs In Washington State

Washington State is filled with incredible natural beauty, from peaks to valleys to coasts.

Washington State is filled with incredible natural beauty, from peaks to valleys to coasts. It also features some of our favorite natural treasures: hot springs. These hot springs are sometimes managed, sometimes wild, but always relaxing and invogorating. Here are 8 of our favorite hot springs in Washington State.

Doe Bay Resort and Retreat

Doe Bay is something unlike any other place on this list. Located on Orcas Island in Olga, soaking tubs are situated along the waterfront, allowing you to look out on the sea as you get your soak on. The resort also has a one-acre organic garden that provides ingredients to the Doe Bay Cafe, so if you’re a fan of local food, it doesn’t get much more local than that. There are also yoga classes and guided kayaking tours in Puget Sound.

Olympic Hot Springs

Unlike the resorts on our list, Olympic Hot Springs is perfect for the rugged, hiking outdoorsperson. It’s a more wild experience now. There’s a 2.5 mile hiking trail required to get to the hot springs. Once there, it’s you, the springs, the woods, and whoever you brought with you. It’s relaxing just thinking about it.

Scenic Hot Springs

Scenic Hot Springs in Washington State is, as you might have guessed, pretty scenic. Unlike the other springs on this list Scenic Hot Springs is privately owned. Advanced permission from the land owners is required before visiting and they only permit 10 people to visit each day. To get in, all you have to do is visit their websites and fill out a reservation request.

Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort

Sol Duc Hot Springs is a perfect spot for the whole family. The resort is well maintained, offers both cabins and camp sites, 3 mineral pools, and one fresh water pool. The resort features some amazing hikes as well. It’s a good spot for a weekend getaway in Washington State.

Goldmyer Hot Springs

60 miles east of Seattle in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness you will find Goldmyer Hot Springs. To get there, you must drive 15 miles down an unpaved forest service road and hike 4.5 miles to reach the springs. The springs are cared for and kept in good conditions by Northwest Wilderness Programs, which is a nonprofit. NWP limits the use of Goldmyer Hot Springs in order to preserve them. Only 20 people are allowed in each day. Once capacity is reached, people will be turned away.

Gamma Hot Springs

Gamma Hot Springs is said to be the most remote geothermal spring in all of Washington State. It’s a hot spring for the most hardcore of outdoorspeople. The springs are located in Glacier Peak Wilderness, but their exact location is something of a mystery. They are there if you can find them!

Carson Hot Springs Resort

Carson Hot Springs Resort is another well maintained facility located in the Columbia River Valley near Oregon. It’s the best choice for you if a private experience is something you desire. You can rent a room at the resort and enjoy the mineral-fed hot tubs provided for private enjoyment. If you’re a golfer, be sure to visit the Elk Ridge Golf Course near the resort.

Baker Hot Springs

Last on our list is Baker Hot Springs, a relatively easy hot spring to reach on foot. There’s a half-mile out and back trail that is accessible to all hiking skill levels, though it has been called muddy at times. The springs do sometimes have a strong sulpher smell and some people do decide to dip in the pools while nude. All of that aside, still a great hot spring to visit in Washington State.

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