8 Pristine Beaches Near San Diego To Visit This Summer

As vacation destinations go, it’s hard to beat San Diego, CA.

As vacation destinations go, it’s hard to beat San Diego, CA. With its near-perfect year round weather and its many interesting and historic places to visit, San Diego makes for a dream vacation. And, when talking about the best things about a San Diego vacation, you can’t forget to mention the beaches! Below are 8 beaches you simply must visit when in the area!

1. South Mission Beach

 South Mission Beach is the widest beach in he San Diego area. This makes it very popular for basketball and beach volleyball enthusiasts. It can be found at the southern part of the Golden Strand, which runs from the Mission Bay Channel to Pacific Beach Point.

2. Pacific Beach

If you’re looking for a quiet spot to relax in the sun, this beach is not for you. Pacific Beach, or PB as the locals call it, is one of the busiest beaches in San Diego. If you continue south from PB, you’ll hit another popular beach, Mission Beach.

3. North Pacific Beach

This beach is a favorite for surfers. It’s located just north of Crystal pier and features cliffs as high as 75 feet tall. From spring through summer, the beach attracts a young crowd. So, be prepared for that if you decide to go.

4. Black’s Beach

As Black’s Beach is one of the largest nude beaches in the U.S., you will want to avoid it if you’re looking for a family beach. But, if you’re not and you don’t mind some nudity, this is a gorgeous beach! The beach is 2 miles long and bordered by 300 ft tall cliffs. It’s not unusual to see hang gliders soaring off these cliffs.

5. Windandsea Beach

Another popular beach for surfers, this beach features beautiful scenery and the landmark Windandsea Beach Surf Shack.

6. Ocean Beach

Located in the community of Ocean Beach, this 1 mile long beach is a popular fishing spot for tourists and locals alike. The north end of the beach features a 24 hour dog park while the south end has Ocean Beach Municipal Pier.

7. Mission Beach

Mission Beach is a very popular beach due to its many night clubs, street performers and restaurants. There is also easy access to the popular amusement park, Belmont Park, from here.

8. La Jolla Shores

Located in the beautiful community of La Jolla, this beach features several picnic areas, a playground and calm waves, which makes it the perfect beach destination for families. In fact, it is ranked among some of the nation’s best family beaches!

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