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Discover Sustainable Essentials

They’re our favourites, we know they’ll be yours too. Check out why our Earth-First Essentials are anything but basic.

You may call them everyday basics, but we here at tentree like to call them elevated, Earth-First Essentials. We think that’s a more fitting description for our best-selling sustainable essentials for men and women that go above and beyond for you and the planet. They carry you from day to day in style, they use only environmentally-friendly materials and are designed to ensure you’re putting your best (sustainable) foot forward without thinking twice. What’s basic about that?

Whether your fashion sense is finely tuned or you embrace the sophisticated ease of simplicity, our sustainable essentials will move you through all life’s little moments, leaving you feeling anything but basic. Read on to learn what makes our bestsellers a fit for you and the planet.


Oh-So Comfy Fabrics

“I think I’m going to go for my scratchy t-shirt today,” said no one ever. Let’s be real, if you’re going to wear something every day, it has to be comfortable. That’s why all our essentials are incredibly soft on your skin, so you can’t help but reach for them day after day.


sustainable essentials

Featured: Men’s Treefleece Reynard Hoodie and Men’s TreeFleece Atlas Sweatpant


Sustainable Fibres

tentree elevated essentials are also made from environmentally conscious materials that are just as kind to the planet as they are to your skin. Our best-selling collection features organic cotton that’s sustainably and responsibly sourced, soft recycled polyester that gives discarded plastic bottles a new lease on life, and sustainably advanced TENCEL™ fibres made from wood pulp.

In addition to these friendly fibres, our Eco-Log (visible on each product page) will show you the environmental impact of each piece you purchase. We compare ourselves against the industry standard and show you the amount of water, carbon dioxide, and waste we saved, so you can confidently make an eco-friendly purchase.


Timeless Styles

We know fast fashion is hurting our planet in a major way, so all our essentials are designed with longevity in mind. To ensure you’re never out of style, our timeless pieces are versatile and made from light to medium fabric with a range of earthy tones to suit any mood or season. Here are some of our new favourite hues.


  • Reflecting Pond

Like tranquil waters, this deep blue brings a sense of peace and calm to even the busiest days.

Featured: Women’s Treefleece Oversized Zip Hoodie and TreeFleece Bamone Sweatpant


  • Falcon

Reminiscent of rambling woods, this soft brown exudes warmth and a sense of connection to the earth.

Featured: Women’s InMotion Longline Active Bra


  • Lichen Green

Effortlessly able to pull an outfit together, this earthy green is as versatile as the lichen it’s named after.

Featured: Men’s TreeFleece Atlas Sweatpant


  • Dusty Orchid

As the world wakes up around us, the beauty of spring blossoms is reflected in this dreamy pink hue.

Featured: Women’s Recycled Nylon Short and Recycled Nylon Short Jacket


Plants Trees

Finally, the cherry on top, each sustainable essential you purchase gives back to the planet through planting trees. The trees we plant together are changing communities, habitats, lives and sequestering carbon all over the world. And that alone is cause for celebration.


sustainable essentials


So ditch basic, and put your comfort and the planet first when you shop our elevated Earth-First essentials for men and women.


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By planting trees for every item you purchase, it’s our mission to plant 1 billion trees by 2030. Head to our website to learn more and begin your planting journey with 10% off.


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