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Black Friday? Nah. We Do Green Friday

UPDATE 1: Thank you to all of the planters who participated in Green Friday this year.

UPDATE 1: Thank you to all of the planters who participated in Green Friday this year. Together, we were able to plant more than 800,000 trees! We also doubled the trees for Giving Tuesday, planting twenty trees for every item purchased that day. We’re so amazed by your support that we are going to top up to 1 million trees planted for Green Friday. This is the impact those million trees will have on our planet.

At this point, pretty much everyone knows what Black Friday is. It’s an unofficial shopping holiday that takes place the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Black Friday has built for itself a reputation for overconsumption and bad human behaviors, but for many businesses, it’s an important day. Black Friday helps businesses get in the black – turning a profit for the year. Unfortunately, the mentality around black friday now focuses mainly on consumerism without much thought for the planet or its people.

We’re not perfect either, but we’re doing our best. Planting trees is our biggest priority – we plant ten trees for each item purchased. That’s why here at tentree, we don’t do Black Friday. We do Green Friday. Our goal for the week of Green Friday 2019 is to plant 1,000,000 trees! Making a profit is important for any brand, but for us, giving some green back to the planet is even more important.

A friendly competition with a big prize!

Not only are we aiming to plant 1 million trees during the week of Green Friday, we’ve decided to hold a friendly competition among US states and Canadian provinces. The Canadian province and the US state that plants the most trees on Green Friday won’t just win bragging rights, but we’ll also be planting trees in that state and province. With your purchase, the world gets a little greener and so will your state if you win!

UPDATE 2: Congratulations to Ontario, Canada and California, USA! You are the winners of our friendly tree planting competition. We’ll be planting trees there in the near future!

The impact of a million trees

Legend: 1 tree = 800 trees. 1 person = 100

Planting a million trees for Green Friday will be a huge win for the environment and for us too! 1 million full grown trees will provide enough oxygen for 2 million people to breathe all year long. Once mature, these trees will consume 24,000 tons of carbon dioxide, having the same impact as 1,080 people living a COMPLETELY carbon neutral life. Every ten trees plays a huge part, but collectively, 1 million trees has a huge impact!

A consumer’s green alternative

Thoughtless consumerism is definitely a huge problem in our society. It’s easy for us as consumers to settle on a product that lacks an ethical supply chain or a positive impact in the interest of getting the best deal. But Green Friday gives us an opportunity to do something different. By celebrating Green Friday, we’re offering our customers a chance to get a killer deal on some great products made from sustainable materials with an ethical supply chain AND plant 10 trees for each item purchased.

Green is the new black

Some outdoor retailers have opted to forgo participating in Black Friday and close down their physical locations, encouraging people to say no to consumerism and give their employees Thanksgiving and the Friday after off to spend time with their loved ones. It’s an amazing thing to do! We definitely respect that. If we maintained any brick and mortar stores, we’d probably do the same! But we’re leaning into Green Friday to show the fashion industry and others that you can use sustainable materials, maintain an ethical supply chain, plant trees, and still make a profit. In our case, we’re going to show the fashion industry that we can plant 1 million trees!

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