Check Out This 100% Self-Sustaining Gypsy Caravan-Style Tiny House

Tiny homes have a lot of different benefits.

Tiny homes have a lot of different benefits. They cost less money to build than the average home, they reduce your ecological footprint, and best of all, most tiny homes are outfitted to be able to move. If you want to travel, you can take your entire home with you!

One of our favorite things about the tiny home movement is the ability for designers to come up with some inventive, quirky, and downright amazing ideas for homes! From prismatic lake cabins to tiny homes outfitted for harsh winter conditions, we’ve just about seen it all!

This old fashioned caravan-style tiny home is maybe one of the most rustic, homey ones we’ve seen yet. It was designed by father-son duo Nick and Aaron Troisi to showcase a centuries-old building style combined with 100% self sufficiency.

The house features custom woodwork on the interior, a curved roof with rounded windows to enhance natural lighting, and an exterior protected by painted pine panels.

To say that the interior is cozy is an understatement! The dark colors of the wood combined with the natural light gives this tiny home a wonderful homey feel. It features a surprisingly spacious sleeping loft as well as a nook with a small sofa, lit by highly efficiency LED lighting reclaimed from automobile lights.

To add to the sustainability factor, many of the home’s features are reclaimed and repurposed items. The windows are repurposed theather light lenses and the kitchen sink is a used brass bucket.

The custom woodwork throughout the interior really showcases the beauty and durability of wood. The panels on the walls and the kitchen counter top were made from a single apricot tree. The house also features pine and cherry.

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