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Set Your Earth Day Intention

How could you live a little greener? Discover our team’s Earth Day intentions and get inspired.

We love our planet, and though we’re far from perfect, we’re always looking for ways to live more sustainably. Earth Day is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our connection to the planet and figure out how we can be better stewards of our one and only home.

What areas of your life could use an eco-upgrade? What sustainability projects have you been meaning to pick up but haven’t? This year, we’re setting aside time to make an Earth Day intention to re-inspire us for the year ahead, and we’re encouraging you to do the same. Get creative, write it down, and display it somewhere visible. Make it your daily reminder that your actions make a difference.

To get the ball rolling, we checked in with our team to learn what areas of their lives they’re striving to add a touch of sustainability to and the intentions they’re setting for Earth Day.



Wholesale Marketing Lead

When it comes to setting her intention, Mimi is making sure to look back before moving full speed ahead. It’s her philosophy that when you make time to recognize the positive action you’ve already taken, it creates the foundational blocks needed to strengthen your impact moving forward. “You can only really start from where you are, and recognizing the good you’ve already achieved means you’re one step closer to reaching your goals.”

Here are some small steps that have made a big difference for her and her family in the past year. Her Earth Day intention is to build on these actions with her husband and daughters, ages four and one.

  • Instead of buying a second car, they purchased an electric bike with a trailer.
  • Instead of buying new baby and kid gear, toys, or clothes, they became pros on online marketplaces, where they can get used items at a fraction of the price and keep items out of landfills.
  • They cook with a plant-based protein at least once a week.
  • They grow their own food in their 25sqft garden during the summer.
  • They do their grocery runs with their wagon.


earth day

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Ecommerce Specialist

For his Earth Day intention, Jason shared that he’s focusing on all the small changes within his power when it comes to food consumption and waste. He recognizes that if you’re looking to shift your lifestyle, especially your diet, it’s all the small, Earth-first decisions that will get you there.

“I’ve already worked to eliminate single-use plastics by bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and skipping the single-use cutlery whenever I get take out. I’m focused on more small changes like these that will help make the way I eat more sustainable. Buying less meat and more vegetables and sustainably sourced seafood is definitely at the top of the list. I’m lucky, living in Vancouver, that these are super accessible. I’m also trying to shift my grocery shopping habits and ensure I’m minimizing food waste by making more frequent trips to the grocery store and leaning into meal prep. This helps ensure everything in the fridge gets used, plus it’s a fun way to challenge myself in the kitchen.”



Email Marketing Specialist

When we asked Lizzy about setting her Earth Day intention, she gave us three super helpful tips for creating an intention you’ll actually stick with.

“First, I would encourage you to build sustainability into your routines. You can take small, easy steps each day to be kinder to the planet. You won’t even think twice about them once they’re locked in. A go-to for me is ensuring I have my reusable water bottle whenever I go out.

I also recommend trying to make sustainability your new hobby. If you’re passionate about a task and enjoy doing it, it’s way more likely you’ll keep doing it. Try exploring activities like gardening or plant-based cooking. Cooking is a fun skill to cultivate, and naturally opens the door to reducing the amount of meat in your diet. Some accounts I get inspiration from are @plantbasedonabudget and

Finally, an intention I’d recommend everyone consider setting is recycling responsibly. Adding contaminated or non-recyclable items to your bin can cause serious problems in the recycling process and may result in recyclable materials ending up in landfills. Even if you’re already on board with recycling, make an intention to ensure you’re doing it correctly.”


earth day

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Project Manager

Finally, we checked in with Tracy and learned about her frustration around single-use plastic and her plan of attack to avoid it.

“My Earth Day resolution is to reduce my intake of single-use plastic. It feels so discouraging when I go to the grocery store, and so many of the things I purchase are covered in plastic. I don’t even buy a lot of processed foods — we’re talking fruits, veggies and basic things, all wrapped in plastic. Sometimes just for the sole purpose of showing that they’re organic. Since it can be challenging to find alternatives in the supermarket, I’m pledging to avoid it by supporting small businesses fighting against single-use plastic.”


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