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Fabric Focus: Organic Cotton French Terry

Lightweight, breathable and perfect for summer lounging, learn about our new 100% natural french terry fabric.

Made for those who love to lounge, our French Terry Collection not only keeps you cozy but is super kind to the environment.

Made from a blend of 81% Organic Cotton, 14% Recycled Polyester and 5% Spandex, our tried and true french terry fabric uses recycled post-consumer waste to create less need for new, virgin materials. Super soft and made to move with your body, this fabric offers a generous stretch and great recovery (meaning no baggy knees or elbows).

With so much community love for our french terry loungewear, we’re now offering these everyday essentials in a new sustainable fabric made from 100% organic cotton. A fibre you and the planet can get behind.


Featured: Men’s Organic French Terry Seamed Hoodie and Sweatpant + Women’s Organic French Terry Crew and Fulton Jogger


Made From 100% Organic Cotton

Plant-based and organically farmed, our new french terry fabric is made from 100% certified organic cotton. Grown without the use of harmful toxins or pesticides, these new pieces are biodegradable, and can be easily composted without leaving any harmful toxins behind.

Although conventional cotton is technically plant-based, the harsh chemicals that are used to grow it make it feel far from natural. It’s estimated that each year, the production of conventional cotton uses 16% of the world’s insecticides and around 6% of the world’s pesticides.

These toxins and chemicals degrade soil quality, but they also pollute natural water resources and damage the surrounding environment once they wash out of the soil. Because of these unsustainable practices, local communities are put at risk and conventional cotton farmers are often exposed to dangerous chemicals and toxins on a daily basis.


organic cotton french terry


Knowing this, when we searched for a natural fibre that was also produced without harming the planet, organic cotton was an easy choice.

Sustainability in cotton farming focuses on practices that maximize soil health and benefit surrounding ecosystems and biodiversity. These methods often use less water than conventional cotton farming, ensuring responsible stewardship of this finite natural resource.


Why You’ll Love It

Better for the environment and better for the farmers who grow it, organic cotton is also safer for your skin than conventional cotton. Soft, lightweight, and breathable, our Organic Cotton French Terry is the perfect material for summer loungewear.


Featured: Women’s Organic Cotton French Terry Short and Crew


These new styles are garment dyed to give them a beautiful, lived-in look. The process involves dyeing the finished pieces after they’ve been made, rather than making them out of pre-dyed fabric. This gives them a more dimensional matte look (imagine your favourite pair of sweatpants as a kid) and a super soft feel.

We also used the same colour palette as our InMotion Collection, so you can mix and match with your favourite workout pieces. So kick back, relax, and feel good naturally this summer with our new Organic Cotton French Terry.


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