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Fabric Focus: SeaFleece and SeaBlend

Discover our new revolutionary fabrics that reduce plastic pollution and protect our oceans.

We’re expanding our tree-planting mission to protect our planet’s oceans. Planting beyond the shore, we’re leveraging revolutionary technology to launch underwater reforestation initiatives that bring the benefits of tree planting to the ocean.


Introducing SeaFleece and SeaBlend

Expanding our sustainable fabric line to include materials that protect our oceans is an exciting part of this new chapter.

Made with REPREVE® Our Ocean™ polyester, our new SeaBlend and SeaFleece collections offer innovative and soft-to-the-touch fabrics made from plastic bottles at high risk of entering the ocean.



Feature: Men’s SeaFleece Full Zip


From fighting plastic pollution to prioritizing recycled materials, we dive into how these innovative fabrics are better for the planet, and your everyday essentials.


Why We Made These Fabrics

The inspiration behind these new sustainable fabrics started with one of the biggest problems facing our oceans — plastic pollution.

Given that 70-80% of plastic waste in the ocean comes from rivers and coastlines and there could be more plastic than fish in the sea (by weight) by 2050, we felt it was essential to take action to avoid this outcome. That’s why we’re working to clean up our oceans, transform waste into sustainable fibres, and empower you to protect our oceans.


seafleece seablend


What They’re Made Of

Now that you understand the why, let’s discuss the how. One of the primary fibres found in our 100% recycled SeaBlend and SeaFleece fabrics is REPREVE® Our Ocean™ polyester.

This innovative yarn is made from plastic bottles collected by hand from areas within 50km of coastlines that don’t have formal waste or recycling systems. Shoreline waste is transformed into useable yarn and then combined with recycled cotton to make our SeaBlend and SeaFleece fabrics.



We chose recycled cotton because it’s one of the lowest-impact fibres in the industry. It uses way (WAY) less water than conventional cotton and helps divert textile waste away from landfills. Plus, combining an ocean-friendly material with land-friendly material was a no-brainer.

Not only are these fabrics sustainably made, but they’re also eligible for our take-back program, Circularity by tentree, which makes it easy to resell or recycle old tentree products. When you purchase items from our SeaBlend and SeaFleece collections, you have the power to both upcycle ocean pollution and keep it out of landfills.


What’s the Difference Between SeaBlend and SeaFleece?

If you’re looking to add SeaBlend and SeaFleece to your wardrobe, here are a few details about each fabric and when we like to wear them.


  • We use this fabric to create t-shirts that are just as soft as organic cotton.
  • Lightweight and breathable, these tees are the ideal foundational layer or a go-to for warm summer days.
    • FUN FACT: The raw materials and finished SeaBlend products are made in the same area, reducing the impact of long-distance transportation between supply-chain partners. Another sustainable win.



Featured: Women’s Seablend Classic T-shirt



  • We use this fabric to create cozy zip-ups, hoodies, crews and sweatpants.
  • Warm and soft, these pieces are perfect for summer nights when the sun goes down and the colder months of the year.



Featured: Men’s SeaFleece Reynard Hoodie


What’s the Difference Between SeaBlend/ SeaFleece and TreeBlend/ TreeFleece?

If you explore our collections, you might notice that the SeaBlend and SeaFleece fabric names are very similar to our signature TreeFleece and TreeBlend fabrics. While all these fabrics are sustainably made and incredibly soft to the touch, TreeBlend and TreeFleece have a slightly different fabric blend than SeaBlend and SeaFleece.

TreeBlend and TreeFleece combine TENCEL™ lyocell, a sustainable wood pulp fibre with a small environmental footprint, with 100% organic cotton and recycled polyester. These pieces feel ultra-soft and buttery thanks to the TENCEL™ fibre, which gives the fabric more drape and a shinier appearance.

TreeBlend and SeaBlend are lightweight alternatives to classic cotton basics, and TreeFleece and SeaFleece offer cozy warmth with a minimal environmental impact. Whichever fabric you choose, you can shop with confidence, knowing it was made sustainably.



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