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Giving Tuesday: Help Endangered Monarchs

Protect our pollinators.

While Black Friday focuses a lot on what we can get, Giving Tuesday always recentres us and shifts the focus to what we can give. Following the Black Friday shopping period, this global generosity movement is a time when charities, companies, and individuals join together and amplify small acts of kindness.


Celebrating Giving Tuesday with Monarch Joint Venture

This year for Giving Tuesday, not only will we plant ten trees for every item purchased, but 10% of that day’s sales will go to Monarch Joint Venture, an organization committed to restoring and protecting our planet’s monarch butterfly population.

Monarch butterflies have a profound impact on ecosystems as they take flight each year on their 3000-mile migratory journey from North America to central Mexico. Like bees, monarchs help pollinate plants, creating healthy ecosystems and stabilizing food chains. You may not realize it, but one in three bites of food we take is thanks to pollinators like monarchs.



However, this year, monarchs were marked “endangered” on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,™ due to habitat loss and food shortages along their migratory route. Monarch Joint Venture helps restore these losses through science-based conservation efforts like milkweed planting, ecosystem monitoring and community education.

Every purchase made on Giving Tuesday this year helps support their important work.

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