How the Outdoors Can Heal a Broken Heart

Having a broken heart is one of the worst feelings imaginable, you really have no idea how to start healing and moving on.

Having a broken heart is one of the worst feelings imaginable, you really have no idea how to start healing and moving on. I know, I’ve been there too. However, I find that one of the very best ways to start feeling and living wildly again is through Mother Nature.

1)  You’re Going to Need some Solitude

After a breakup or loss of a loved one, one tends to do a lot of grieving and soul searching. Some time alone is perfectly normal and so incredibly good for you… so where better to do it than in the middle of nowhere? Pick a spot that is quiet and beautiful and just sit. Be alone with your thoughts and allow yourself to experience all the emotions you need to without interruption.

2)  Physically Challenge Yourself

Sometimes the best way to sort through negative feelings is to keep the body active and working hard. It feels so darn good crushing a trail run when you feel those negative thoughts creeping back into your head. You know then that they can’t hold you down, and emotionally you’ll feel as light as a feather. Besides, keeping active will keep your body healthy too! A much better feeling than sitting on the couch eating ice cream from a container…

3)  Make New Friends

Sometimes, in order to break away from the past and the people in it, you need to start making brand new connections and friendships. People who will steer you forward and into wonderful new adventures. So start a conversation with a person on the trail, chat with inspiring people on social media or join a (tentree!) tree planting crew for a season of amazing experiences.

4)  Do Something that Makes you Laugh Again

When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt and tears rolled down your face? Can’t remember? Then it’s time to make your happiness a top priority. The best thing about the wilderness is that nobody is going to judge how goofy you are out there. Besides, tentree loves crazy outdoor enthusiasts! So take your best friend for a hike, re-tell some of your funniest stories and just enjoy the moment. Bonus points if you start to snort from laughing like a hyena.

5)  Fall in Love All Over Again

This doesn’t necessarily mean with another person, but with yourself. Once you get back out there and experience living life to the fullest, you’ll find a beauty about yourself that you may not have noticed before. You’ll have an amazing smile on your face after cliff jumping with friends, you’ll learn how strong you really are after a challenging hike and you’ll know you’re ready to take on the world again after a solo trip.  You can do it, the outdoors will show you that you’re more powerful and stunning than you had ever imagined.

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