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How to Move Your Body From Home

Movement looks different for all of us, and this past year has given us all a chance to rethink our relationship to it.

WRITTEN BY Rhya Johnston-Wallace

Movement looks different for all of us, and this past year has given us all a chance to rethink our relationship to it. Whether you’ve found new solace in moving from home, swapped the gym treadmill for jogging through your local forest, or taken the opportunity to just slow down, we’re here for it. We designed YouWear to support you moving in every which way, in whatever way feels best for you.

We caught up with Andrea Barber (she/her), founder of A Few Fun Moves, to talk movement in the from-home era. A Few Fun Moves is an online workout platform dedicated to helping you move for yourself, at your own pace, when and how it feels right for you. We love Andrea’s platform and Instagram account for the fun moves (obviously), good vibes, and candid conversations about pasta.

Andrea is wearing the inMotion HighRise Leggings in size XS and the Double Scoop Bra size S in Meteorite.


Q: A Few Fun Moves (AFFM) is all about having fun with movement. How has your relationship with movement evolved over the years?

A: I haven’t always had the healthiest relationship with exercise and movement. To be honest, one of the reasons I started AFFM was to help hold myself accountable to always move my body for myself, at my own pace, and when it feels right for me. The fitness industry can be and is a fairly toxic community. It’s taken me many years to find my footing in it and not get distracted by all the noise. Unfollowing all fitness accounts that don’t support body neutrality was step #1 in finding my footing.


Q: Do you have a mantra or intention you use to bring yourself back to a positive place with movement?

A: Before I start any sort of movement for the day, I always ask myself who I’m doing it for and why I’m doing it. I like to focus on workouts that feel good for my body that day. I have a few chronic injuries, so it really helps me to focus on what my body can do and enjoys doing vs. what I think it should be doing.


Q: How do you strike a balance between pushing yourself in a healthy way and taking time to rest?

A: I can be a very competitive person so finding a positive balance comes with who I chose to move with and for. I do think we need a healthy amount of ‘pressure’ at times because that’s what can give us that amazing feeling of accomplishment after finishing something that challenged us in a healthy way. The perfect amount of challenge can strengthen your body and your mind. That balance comes from knowing when it’s the right time to challenge yourself and being patient with yourself that it won’t be every day, and that’s totally cool.


Q: What advice can you give to others who are still working out their relationship with movement?

A: The best type of movement for you is the one that you enjoy doing. Forget about what your best friend, sister, or partner does. Find your own groove, and remember that movement for you can be anything. Something I’ve loved about moving from home is the ability to try new things from the comfort of my home, like funny dance classes via YouTube. Take this time to try all the things you were maybe too shy to go try in a physical space in a group of people. Take a chance, get goofy, and have fun moving your body like nobody is watching!

Finding the right way to move your body takes time and lots of trial and error. We asked team tentree to share some of the at-home movement they’re loving (aside from AFFM of course) to help you with your movement journey.

Kendra Coupland: for reconnecting with yourself through yoga and meditation

SELF’s HIIT Workouts: for an indoor cardio blast

Handstand Tutorial: for building strength in an unconventional way

The Class by Taryn Toomey: for a full body (and mind) workout that will leave you feeling like a new person

Booty by Mich: for a blend of booty-building pilates and buttery yoga-inspired flows

Formation Studio: to learn some new dance moves and release your inner music-video-dancer


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We can’t wait to move with you.


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