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Introducing veritree: A Nature-Based Technology Solution

We believe reforestation is one of the best ways to fight climate change. It's so good, in fact, that we want to give others the tools to do it like we do.

We know we say this a lot, but we have a really special/big/exciting/important announcement to share with you.

Whether you’ve been a part of our community for a while or just joined us, we’re sure you know that tree planting lies at the center of everything we do here at tentree. From working closely with trusted partners and NGOs to using technology that ensures each tree planted is tracked and accounted for, our goal has always been to connect you, our customer, with the positive impact you’re having on the planet through planting trees.

To date, we’ve planted over 65 million trees and we’re just getting started. Our planting projects are changing communities, habitats, and lives, and sequestering carbon all over the world. Seeing this success, we decided that it’s time to take what we’ve learned and make this model accessible so other businesses can do the same.


The Big Announcement

We’re excited to introduce you to veritree — a platform that will empower businesses to plant trees, sequester carbon, drive collective positive impact and do a whole heck of a lot of good for the planet. We believe reforestation is one of the best ways to fight climate change and we want to give others the tools to do it like we do.

We weren’t kidding when we said a big announcement. But now that it’s officially out and you’re in the know, we’re so excited to dive in and tell you more about veritree and the potential this platform holds for you and our planet.


What’s veritree?

We’re guessing the first question you might be asking yourself is — what’s the difference between veritree and tentree? Great question.

The easiest way to think of it is our tree planting at tentree is powered by veritree. When you buy a piece of clothing from us or a Climate+ package, veritree ensures that your ten trees are planted and tracked, then delivers information about the trees you’ve registered to your Impact Wallet.

If you haven’t checked out the Impact Wallet yet, it’s a really cool interactive portal that tracks your impact through tree planting. Thanks to veritree you’re able to see your virtual forest grow over time, see where they’re planted in the world, and learn about the communities you’re uplifting.


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Who’s veritree made for?

While veritree technology used to be exclusive to tentree, we’re now making this accessible to other businesses who want to make an impact, too. Through working with NGOs and project developers, veritree connects companies to verified planting projects.

Once a business connects with the right planting partner, the platform tracks every step of the planting process. Through interactive digital portals (like The Impact Wallet), a business can then connect their customers with their positive impact by sharing project information and tracking trees — just like we do here at tentree.


How’s veritree different from other tree planting initiatives?

Another great question; keep them coming.

A big part of what makes veritree so unique (and the list is long) is the level of transparency it can offer businesses when it comes to tree planting initiatives and their real-world impact. Over time, we realized that a lot of organizations didn’t have the tools to verify that a tree had been put in the ground. It’s common for saplings to be double counted or improperly labeled. Using traditional methods, like remote sensing, to track planting initiatives leaves a lot of room for error and inaccurate data collection. So we created a software that gives quick and reliable data on when and where a specific tree was planted.




So how does veritree work?

veritree uses something called blockchain technology. This technology ensures that every single step of the tree planting journey is traceable, logged, and can’t be tampered with. veritree’s all about collecting ground-level data, which resolves a lot of the traceability issues we mentioned. Collecting ground-level data not only provides job opportunities in local communities where planting initiatives take place but enables precise tracking for each tree planted. This data also powers software like the Impact Wallet, ensuring customers like you can see, and in turn, feel connected to the good you’re doing.



Why do businesses need veritree?

We’re at a crossroads when it comes to the future of our planet. The Earth’s rapidly warming, and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change, we need to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels, which means reaching net-zero emissions by 2050.

This race to net-zero puts new pressure on businesses to act on climate change like never before. It’s no longer enough for businesses to try and minimize the negative impact of their operations. Investors and mindful consumers like yourself are beginning to demand regenerative solutions from companies that do good for our planet instead of just less harm. One way companies can do this is by planting trees, which is considered a nature-based solution.


What’s a nature-based solution?

If this term’s new to you, nature-based solutions are defined as actions to protect, sustainably manage, and restore natural or modified ecosystems that address societal challenges effectively and adaptively, simultaneously providing human well-being and biodiversity benefits.

Tree planting’s an awesome example of a nature-based solution. Not only does tree planting sequester carbon, but it also helps create other positive impacts for the earth like water and biodiversity conservation, supports vulnerable communities around the world, and ensures food security. veritree allows us to monitor the success of these solutions like never before.


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What does the future look like for veritree?

We’re excited for you to discover companies that have partnered with veritree one day soon and you’ll be hearing about the platform a lot more from us here at tentree. Beyond simply planting trees, veritree will build a community of like-minded brands driven by conscious consumers, like you, demanding businesses do better for our planet. Together, businesses and veritree can drive these collective positive actions and bring nature-based solutions into the mainstream like never before.


veritree is at the heart of all we do at tentree. Whether you’ve planted by purchasing a product or subscribing to Climate+, it’s veritree that certifies and guarantees those trees are in the ground and doing fine. If you haven’t checked it out already, make sure to create an account, register your trees and get to know your Impact Wallet.


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