“Is tentree legit?â€ The answer to this question and many more!

tentree is an Earth-first apparel brand with a simple promise: to plant ten trees for each item purchased.

tentree is an Earth-first apparel brand with a simple promise: to plant ten trees for each item purchased. The big goal of tentree is to plant 1 billion trees by 2030 and to be the most environmentally progressive brand in the world.

But a question we hear from time to time is: ‘is tentree legit?’ And it’s a fair question. Dubious claims on the internet aren’t exactly uncommon. In short, we sure are! With this blog post, we’d like to answer that question, and then further communicate who we are as a brand, what we’re doing, and how you can independently verify our work and even get involved!

“What’s the story behind tentree?”

tentree was founded by two friends. Kalen Emsley, who, in 2012, was working as a tree planter, reached out to an old friend of his, David Luba, who was living in Hawaii at the time. Kalen wound up catching a flight out, and while there, they were inspired to start a clothing brand that gives back. And that’s where the idea of tentree was born.

The next step was roping Derrick Emsley, Kalen’s brother, into the company as well. Derrick gladly came on as our CEO. Initial support from the community in Regina, Saskatchewan was overwhelming and offered us an amazing launching point.

Read more about the story of tentree here.

“Where does tentree plant the trees?”

We have planted in seven different countries so far: Madagascar, Nepal, Senegal, Cambodia, Haiti, Canada, and the United States.. Some of these nations have experienced some of the worst impacts of deforestation, including extreme poverty in local communities, and the degradation of wildlife habitats. So when you purchase from tentree, know that your trees don’t just help the natural environment, but they improve the lives of people and help save ecosystems around the world.

We proudly partner with several reputable non profit tree planting organizations, like Plant With PurposeEden Reforestation Projects, and One Tree Planted.

You can learn more about our tree planting sites here.

“What materials do tentree use?”

tentree doesn’t just plant ten trees for each item purchased, but we’re also committed to being the most environmentally progressive brand in the world. It’s no secret that the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in existence. We want to show the industry that you can produce quality apparel with sustainable materials, plant trees for each item purchased, and still grow and be successful.

We use a wide variety of eco conscious materials, like organic cottonhempTencel lycocell, and sustainably grown cork.

You can read more about our sustainable materials here.

“Is tentree manufactured ethically?”

For us, it would be unconscionable to position ourselves as an Earth-first brand while maintaining an unethical supply chain. We apply the same values of transparency, sustainability and respect for the people who make our clothes as when selecting and managing our planting projects.

We are proud to be a certified B-Corporation. This means we uphold the highest regard and respect for our employees, communities, and our environment. We have ongoing relationships with all of the facilities with which we work and routinely audit their manufacturing practices to ensure that workers are treated with the utmost respect and care.

We’re committed to minimizing our environmental impact, uplifting the well-being of our people with ethical labour rights, and safe workplaces, and recognizing our social responsibility to keep our business practices as transparent as possible.

We encourage everyone to visit our Ethical Manufacturing page where you can read about each factory with which we work and review all ethical labour and manufacturing certifications.

“So, is tentree legit?”

At tentree, we are committed to ethically manufacturing sustainable products and accessories and plant ten trees for each item purchased. We are open and transparent about the work that we do because we are proud of the work we do. We’re excited for you to join us on the journey to planting 1 billion trees.

So, yes. We’re definitely legit!

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