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Show Us Your #EarthStuff

We want to know how you’re taking steps, big and small, to better the planet.
WRITTEN BY Tayllor Henczel

At tentree, everything we do stems from how to do better by our planet. That includes a long list of earth-first actions, from tree planting, to sustainability initiatives, to being a Certified B Corporation. But one of the most important things on that list doesn’t really have anything to do with us. It’s you. 

The tentree community is made up of millions of people like you doing #EarthStuff every day. 

What’s #EarthStuff?

#EarthStuff includes the things you wear, do, consume, whatever, that are kind to the earth. These little things you do add up (we promise), and we want to celebrate the everyday wins with you. But this hashtag is so much more than a hashtag. It’s a way for us to connect with our diverse, amazing community (that’s you) on the regular. 

What kind of #EarthStuff have you been up to? Bringing your reusable tote to the grocery store? Picking up plastic on your Sunday beach walk? Wearing #EarthStuff that’s sustainably made? We want to know all about it.

You’re the ones making an impact every single day through your environmental-ish thoughts, intentions and actions. So we hope that you’ll use #EarthStuff to inspire us and everybody else along the way. Because the best thing we could possibly do for our planet is support you on your sustainable journey. 

How To Use #EarthStuff

Tag yourself doing or wearing #EarthStuff on Instagram so we (and everyone else) can be inspired to live a little greener. Plus, we’d love to feature you on our socials!

Stuff you should tag us in:

Honestly, the sky’s the limit. We can’t wait to see all the #EarthStuff you’re up to.

The #EarthStuff Collective

There’s no better way to live environmental-ish than together. Enter, #EarthStuff Collective. A diverse community of imperfect humans living an environmental-ish life. Our supportive community of tentree ambassadors are living life sustainably and doing #EarthStuff on the regular. This is a new thing for us at tentree, and we’re so excited to see this community grow!

Sounds like you’d fit right in? We’d love to do #EarthStuff with you! Learn more about how to apply and all of the perks of being part of the collective — like completing missions and earning product, gift cards, commission and cash, on top of building a better world. (And if you’re already an #EarthStuff Ambassador make sure to register your email to get VIP sale access.) Big change starts small, and it starts with you.


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