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Sustainable In Seattle: Brands We Love

Explore our top picks for sustainable brands based in Seattle.

Seattle is one of our favourite neighbouring cities to visit across the border. When it comes to sustainable brands and companies that are prioritizing the planet, this place is a goldmine. From zero-waste groceries to jewelry, the brands below make living sustainably accessible, achievable, and impactful with their unique approaches and offerings.

Whether you’re visiting in person or exploring online, here are eight brands we love that have their roots in Seattle.

Anders Shop

Anders is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking to invest in some sustainable home decor. In their own words, they stock beautiful goods you can feel good about. Artisan-created, ethically sourced, and fairly traded — they promise customers a sustainable shopping experience.


yellow pillow

Image sourced from Anders Shop



Sfingiday leads with local, supporting over 100 small production artisans, and offers a wide selection of household goods and art. While they have a strong local focus, they also feature unique hand-crafted items from artists around the world. Whether from near or far, each piece you see is chosen by the owner, Christine Helen Olson.

Eco Collective

Eco Collective is a sustainable self-care brand that curates joyful and simple hair, skin, and wellness routines. We love that their community is built around a light-hearted approach to zero waste. Their work is rooted in the philosophy that self-care is the very thing that fuels our activism, and we can’t get enough of their groovy, playful branding.


Since its inception in a Seattle kitchen in 2011, Herbivore has grown into a highly recognized sustainable skincare brand. Although the brand has upgraded from its original manufacturing space, all the products are still made in Seattle and have an emphasis on natural, high-quality ingredients. These dreamy skincare products are vegan and free of synthetic ingredients, including dyes, fragrances, and parabens. Their packaging is also designed with the planet in mind, choosing sustainable options whenever possible.



Image sourced from Herbivore


Scoop Marketplace

From bulk groceries to zero-waste lifestyle products, Scoop Marketplace is working to normalize zero-waste grocery shopping. Whether you’re looking to step up or jump-start your everyday eco-friendly habits, we recommend their Scoop Swap Box. It’s a monthly subscription box that arrives right on your doorstep, full of creative and innovative sustainable swaps for your home.

Public Shop

Public Shop is another awesome spot to head to for sustainable household items and grocery refills. They’re firm believers that with back-to-basics, everyday solutions we can reduce single-use products and food waste together. For an easy one-stop-shop, check out their “On-The-Go” section. Here you’ll find a curated selection of sustainable products that will help make everyday moments more eco-friendly.


Handmade in Seattle, Baleen offers beautiful and fashion-forward jewelry. Their pieces sit at the perfect price point and are a sustainable dream come true. Nearly all of the metal used to make their jewelry comes from a recycled source, their production studio is a zero-waste facility, and they use responsible packaging and shipping to get each beautiful piece to you.


gold earrings

Image sourced from Baleen


Metamorphic Gear

Finally, our love of outdoor adventures naturally drew us to Metamorphic Gear. Made from 75-98% upcycled materials, this brand utilizes used boat sails, truck tarps, and climbing ropes to make their unique eco-friendly bags and accessories. Plus 1% of every purchase goes towards helping remove plastic from the ocean.


If you find yourself in Seattle, be sure to check out our sustainable city guide that explores the vibrant Capitol Hill neighbourhood in the heart of Seattle.


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