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We Have a New B Corp Score

Spoiler: It's our highest one yet.

If you haven’t heard of the B Corp Certification, it’s the gold standard for good sustainable business. It’s an independent certification that shows our community we’re meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability.

As a B Corp, we’re part of a group of global leaders who use business as a force for good and share this commitment to transparency and accountability. We use our profits and growth to create positive impacts for our employees, communities, and the environment through planting trees and restoring Earth’s ecosystems with every piece of sustainable clothing we sell.


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Our New B Corp Score

We’ve been a B Corp-certified company for seven years, setting a high bar for other brands and, more importantly, for ourselves as we grow. Each assessment has seen our B Corp score increase, reflecting our internal mantra, “One step forward, never back.”

Now, thanks to our team’s continual hard work and commitment to making small sustainable decisions on behalf of our planet every day, we’re proud to share that we’ve earned our highest B Corp score this year.


Certification requires a minimum score of 80 points, and our

New B Corp Impact Score is 136.2.


For context, this is a phenomenal score and establishes us as a sustainability leader in the fashion industry.



What Makes Up Our Score

Becoming a certified B Corp is no easy task. The B Corp assessment grades us on a points system that measures five key areas of operation to determine our overall Impact Score.

Here’s a closer look at each category and the breakdown of our scores.



  • Assesses our commitment to corporate accountability and transparency


  • Evaluates our policies and practices related to employee satisfaction and development


  • Assesses our efforts in contributing to social and environmental well-being in our communities
  • Community is our highest-scoring category, and we’ve been named Best For The World in Community for the past two years. We know firsthand that having a positive impact on the earth isn’t possible without considering the communities on it. Whether it’s ensuring our garment makers receive fair wages, creating new employment opportunities through our planting programs or supporting community initiatives close to our hearts — we stand for people and planet.


Featured: The children from the school near our planting site in the Old Bonjoge Forest in Kenya. Their parents are employed by the project and receive decent, consistent wages, which makes it possible for them to send their kids to school.



  • Evaluates our environmental practices, sustainability initiatives, and product impacts


  • Measures our commitment to providing customers with ethical and sustainable products and services


Why Our B Corp Score Matters

From the beginning, our founders set out to create a business that would give to the earth more than it took and empower people to make a difference in the world. Our new B Corp Score demonstrates our success in realizing this vision and our ongoing commitment to growth and progress over the past ten years.

Sales from our sustainably-made apparel fund planting projects around the world that clean up our atmosphere, provide jobs, protect wildlife, and so much more. With the help of our community, we’ve planted over 100 million trees and are well on our way to our goal of planting 1 billion.


tentree Team in Kenya

Featured: The team on our latest planting trip to Kenya.


While this new score recognizes these efforts, it also helps identify areas that need improvement, providing a clear roadmap for more positive and sustainable practices in the future.

More work awaits us as we strive for an even higher score, but with your support, we’re confidently paving the way to a more inclusive, sustainable future through innovation and respect for our planet.


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