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tentree City Guide: A Sunday in Capitol Hill, Seattle

From brunch to exploring local boutiques, this sustainable city stroll will guide you through one of the Emerald CIty’s most prominent neighbourhoods.

Whether you’re dreaming up your next vacation when things get back to normal, or you’re a Seattle local looking to shake up your weekend, our sustainable city guide is for you. We’ve done all the planning and research for you and created a curated walking tour of one of Seattle’s trendiest neighbourhoods. Park the car and get swept up in the energy of the city as you explore it on foot.

Capitol Hill, Seattle

  • This vibrant neighborhood in central Seattle is known for its diverse community and vibrant nightlife. It draws visitors and locals alike with its thriving art and music scene, amazing parks, and local shops.
  • Our walking tour takes 30 minutes to complete on foot, but we encourage you to take your time and enjoy each stop along the way.


  • This tour was created with a Sunday stroll in mind but can be enjoyed any day of the week. We’ve provided alternatives for spots that only operate on Sunday, but be sure to check out shop and restaurant hours ahead of time to ensure you aren’t disappointed.

Know Before You Go

  • Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is known for its dreary, rainy weather. If you’re visiting from out of town, make sure to pack your rain gear so you can embrace the local climate. If the forecast isn’t cooperating, we’ve included plenty of spots to warm up along the way.


A Sunday in Capitol Hill


A Vegan Brunch

Plum Bistro

We suggest beginning with brunch at Plum Bistro to nourish you for the day ahead. (There’s nothing worse than adventuring on an empty stomach.) We highly recommend taking a peek at their ever-changing seasonal menu ahead of time. With so many delicious options, nailing down which dish to try can be challenging. Plum’s plant-based menu features organically-grown seasonal vegetables, local fruits and herbs from family-owned farms. You can’t go wrong with this stacked vegan menu.


plum bistro pancakes

Photo sourced from @plum.bistro


A Coffee Shop

Porchlight Coffee

After you’ve indulged in what we’re sure will be a delicious brunch, it’s time to head out to the next stop. While brunch is necessary to fuel an afternoon spent walking, coffee is also a must if you’re anything like us.

  • Fun Fact: Seattle is known for its prominent coffee culture. Originally an early frontier settlement with an active seaport, Seattle had easy access to bean importers. During the 60s and 70s, coffee houses began to spring up all over the city and became a popular spot for the bohemian counterculture to meet and discuss the changing world. This setting, paired with Seattle’s cold, dreary weather, created the perfect time and place for coffee to be served.

A short walk from Plum, Porchlight Coffee serves locally roasted beans and doubles as a record shop that sells new and used vinyl. The music they usually have one is guaranteed to be on point, and if you have any room left after brunch, their organic donuts from Mighty O are hard to pass up.


porchlight coffee

Photo sourced from @charlie_prom


A Local Market

The Capitol Hill Farmers Market

With a cup of coffee warming your hands, it’s time to head out to The Capitol Hill Farmers Market. To get there, take the scenic route through one of Seattle’s prominent public spaces, Cal Anderson Park. This short scenic stroll will take you out of the hustle and bustle of the city and has plenty of spots to stop and sip your coffee along the way.

  • Tip: If you enjoy this green space, you may want to check out Volunteer Park. Bigger than Cal Anderson, it’s full of trails and is a 15-minute walk away. This is a great option if the Sunday farmer’s market below is closed.

Once you’re on the other side of the park, you’ll arrive at the Capitol Hill Farmer’s Market. After a busy Saturday night, this is the neighbourhood spot to be. Enjoy the sites and sounds as you work your way along the alley of local vendors.


flowers capitol hill market

Photo sourced from @musingsofmonica


A Sweet Treat

Molly Moon’s Icecream

After enjoying the collective energy of the market, you can head back through the park and if you’re craving something sweet, Molly Moon’s is a can’t miss. We love that this ice cream shop is anchored in sustainable practices and strong local partnerships, sourcing 90% of their ingredients from the Pacific Northwest. Their support of local farmers ensures that dollars are kept in the local economy and cuts down on the amount of fossil fuels needed to transport ingredients to their Seattle kitchens.


molly moon's icecream

Image sourced from @mollymoonicecream


A Store To Get Lost In

Elliot Bay Book Company

Whether you polish off a cone or opt to skip the sweet treat, Elliott Bay Book Company is a must-see while you’re on the block. This independently owned bookstore has been operating for over four decades and is home to over 150,000 titles. Even if you aren’t in the market for a new book, the different levels and original cedar shelves create a welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for browsing.


elliott bay book company

Sourced from @postgradreads


A Local Boutique

Glasswing Shop

After perusing the shelves, a short walk will take you to Melrose’s Market where a plant lover’s paradise awaits. In addition to an extensive selection of plants, Glasswing features women’s and men’s fashions from local, independent, and environmentally conscious designers, as well as non-toxic beauty and bath products. Needless to say, you’re going to want to budget a fair amount of time for this spot.



Photo sourced from


A Sustainable Sip


Once you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, pop next door to end your afternoon and unwind with a glass of organic wine at Marseille. The wines on offer are made with minimal intervention using organic practices, native yeast/spontaneous fermentation, and contain little or no sulfites. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you land on the perfect glass.


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If you’re interested in finding more Seattle-based businesses, check out our sustainable brand round-up.

Editor’s Note: Given the current state of the world, tentree does not recommend long-distance travel.


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