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tentree Days Of Giving: Day Two

Everyone knows that planting trees is a good thing for the environment.

Everyone knows that planting trees is a good thing for the environment. When tentree got started, we wanted to plant trees to protect the world we play in. In the years that have gone by, we’ve come to understand that there is a significant relationship between the trees we plant and the communities in which they’re planted.

We plant trees to protect the planet, to stem the progress of climate change, to clean the air, and to provide a habitat for other plants and animals. But we are also dedicated to the social impact of our work; providing good paying jobs, protecting farmland and water tables, and preventing storm-caused erosion.

Clean water is one of the most basic necessities a human needs to survive, but sadly, more than 844 million people, 1 in 9, lack access to clean water.

So today, we are working with our partner, Eden Projects, to donate all proceeds towards providing clean water to the villages in Madagascar. The proceeds will be invested into fresh water drilling equipment for our planting partners. Our goal? $10,000.

Madagascar is currently in a drought that’s entering its fourth year. The lack of sufficient rain has begun to take a significant toll on the people, as well as the trees we’re trying to plant in the island nation.

The new fresh water wells won’t just be to protect our trees, but they will benefit locals as well.

Once we’ve hit our goal, we will secure the well-digging system, train one of our planting leaders on how to operate it, and get it sent to Madagascar in early 2018. But we won’t be able to provide fresh water without your help.

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