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The tentree Guide to Sustainable Outerwear: Part 1

Best in class for you and the planet. Learn what makes our first full outerwear line the most sustainable.

You know that feeling when you nail someone’s birthday gift and can’t wait to give it to them? Well, that’s us right now. We’ve been working for months behind the scenes on a special line, and we’re finally ready to share it with you. Introducing — our first full Essential Outerwear line.

Fingers crossed, you’re as excited as we are. This project has been a labour of love, and we made every piece with you and the planet in mind. Our designers did not miss a beat when it came to creating outerwear that is just as sustainable as it is stylish. From mindful design elements that will keep you extra cozy to sustainable materials that you can literally bury in your garden they’re so green, we went above and beyond.

This is the first of two drops, and we’re going piece by piece, sharing what makes these jackets sustainable and the design elements you’re going to love. We promise this collection will get you outside whatever the weather, and whatever “outdoors” means to you. Whether you’re visiting the dog park or a national park, these jackets are essential for your lifestyle… whatever that may be. We know outerwear can be confusing, but don’t worry, we kept it simple for you.

Here are the first three jackets from the men’s and women’s collections that are now available on our website. And make sure you stay tuned for the second drop coming soon. (Hint hint: Puffers — but you didn’t hear that from us). Let’s dive in.


The Treeline Canvas Jacket


canvas treeline jacket

Featured: Treeline Canvas Jacket


Sustainable Shout Outs

  • This jacket is fully compostable and biodegradable. Yup, you read that right. Once you’re done loving and wearing this go-with-everything staple, just remove the buttons and plant it. Usually, shanks (aka the buttons) are hammered on, but our design team swapped these for screw shanks that can easily be removed.
  • The cozy flannel lining and shell of this jacket are made from 100% organic cotton with a 50% kapok, 50% organic cotton blend for the insulation. If you haven’t heard of it before, kapok is a super soft silky cotton-like fiber harvested from kapok trees that are found in the rainforest.

tentree treeline canvas jacket

  • The outer shell has a sustainable, non-toxic DWR (durable water repellent coating) finish. A DWR finish helps water bead off your jacket instead of being instantly absorbed. Perfect for those days where you missed the weather report calling for rain.

Things We Love About It

  • We just have to say it one more time — the jacket is fully compostable.
  • The Treeline Canvas sports oversized handwarmer pockets to keep your fingers warm on chilly autumn days. We all love a good jean jacket look, but this cozy feature will be hard to give up once you’ve tried it.

Why You’ll Love It

  • This jacket is the perfect oversized piece for fall. Ideal for weekend adventuring, it will keep you cozy when the warmth of summer is gone. This one runs on men’s sizing, so women can size down for a loose fit and we highly recommend layering with your favourite hoodie.


The Nimbus Rain Jackets


tentree nimbus rain jacket

Featured: Men’s Nimbus Rain Jacket and Women’s Nimbus Short Rain Jacket


As a company based in Vancouver, we couldn’t not make a rain jacket. Here are some sustainable features both the men’s and the women’s rain jackets share.

Sustainable Shout Outs

  • These rain jackets are made from 99% recycled materials, specifically water bottles. Instead of heading to the landfill, 24 water bottles were repurposed to make the shell of the women’s jacket and 27 were used to make the men’s. We achieve this sustainable feat by using 100% REPREVE® recycled polyester. REPREVE® is one of the leading branded performance fibres that’s made from recycled plastic bottles. For the inside of the jacket, we kept the recycling theme going and used 75% recycled material for the membrane (this is the layer that ensures breathability and waterproofness) which makes it one of the most sustainable options.
  • It’s also important to note that the two-layer waterproof breathable fabric is bluesign® Certified. If you’ve never heard of this certification, it ensures that this textile is sustainably produced from start to finished. The bluesign® system eliminates harmful substances from the beginning of the manufacturing process and ensures that production is safe and environmentally friendly. When you see this certification, you know you’re getting a genuinely sustainable product.

  • Our rain jackets also have a PFC-free DWR coating. Like we mentioned before, A DWR finish helps water bead off your jacket. PFCs (perfluorinated chemicals) are a class of chemicals often found in commercial DWR coatings. These are of concern because the release of PFCs into the air and water during manufacturing can lead to environmental contamination. These substances aren’t found in nature and persist for hundreds of years before they degrade.
  • One other sustainable shoutout that is unique to the women’s rain jacket is that we used NATULON® zippers that are made using recycled materials from post-consumer polyester products, specifically water bottles. Why waste resources when we can just recycle, right?

We know that your mind is probably still processing that we made rain jackets out of water bottles, but let’s dive into each coat individually and highlight some differences in the styles.

Things We Love About Them

  • For both jackets, every seam is taped so that no water can sneak in and ruin your mood. And for the men’s style, we even included a waterproof YKK Aquaguard zipper and a glued brim at the hood to keep the rain off your face.
  • For the women’s style, your parents will thank us for this one — there are reflective strips on the inside of the sleeve that you can fold up when you’re walking at night to keep you visible and safe. The hood is also adjustable and can easily be rolled into the collar when there’s no rain in the forecast. And while the men’s jacket doesn’t have that reflective strip, the cuffs are partially elasticated for a better fit.

tentree nimbus rain jacket


Why You’ll Love Them

  • As Vancouver natives, we’re no strangers to rainy weather, and we give these jackets two thumbs up. With a high waterproof rating of 10,000mm we promise both will keep you dry when things get stormy. Jackets in this range can withstand most downpours and heavy snow, maybe just don’t stand in the eye of a hurricane.
  • We truly married fashion and function when it came to these designs. With performance elements like the leak guard zipper and fully taped seams, these jackets are designed to withstand the elements but are stylish enough to pair perfectly with your everyday urban grind.


That’s the line so far and the first three pieces in the most sustainable outerwear collection. And if a collection made from compostable and 99% recycled material wasn’t eco-friendly enough already, don’t forget, as always, each piece you purchase plants ten trees. Shop the men’s and women’s jackets today and get free returns if you run into any sizing issues.

Keep an eye out for more styles dropping in the weeks to come that are guaranteed to keep you toasty as the temperature continues to drop.


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