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Find Your Perfect Match: Sustainable Shorts

We compare everything from fit to fabric to help you find the perfect pair of shorts for summer.

Whether you’re cruising on your bike or soaking up the sun in your backyard, no summer wardrobe is complete without a few pairs of durable, dependable shorts. With this in mind, our short collection goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort — and the planet’s health. Our men’s shorts and women’s shorts are made using only organic and recycled materials, and each pair purchased plants ten trees. But with so many options, which pair best suits your summer style?

To save you from clicking back and forth between product pages, we break down everything you need to know from fabric to fit so you can find your perfect match. And to make things even simpler, we’ve put each pair into one of three categories for quick reference: Made For Every Day, Made For Movement, and Made For Lounging.

The Made For Everyday category features versatile shorts you’ll reach for time and time again. Whether you’re heading to the office or meeting a friend over brunch, they’ve got you covered (literally). ​​When summer’s in full swing, the Made For Movement shorts will transition you seamlessly from one outdoor to the next or just to the couch to catch your breath. And last but not least, the Made For Lounging category speaks for itself. They’ll keep you cozy and cool around the house while also giving you that effortless lounge look when you head out the door.

So let’s dive in and start with the women’s styles. (Scroll ahead to jump to the men’s.)


Women’s Styles

Made For Everyday


1. Instow Short

The Instow Short is a comfortable pull-on short that’s practical and durable. It features roomy front and back pockets with an elastic waistband and drawcord, making it easy to adjust to your perfect fit.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Instow Short


This style is made from 100% TENCEL™ Lyocell, known for its super soft texture. TENCEL™ is a wood pulp fibre with a small environmental footprint, thanks to its closed-looped production process. As a result of this process, 95% less water is used in production than with conventional cotton.


2. Hemp Stretch Instow Short

With front and back pockets, an elastic waistband and drawcord, the Hemp Stretch Instow Short is similar to the style above but has a little more stretch with a fabric blend of 53% Hemp, 44% Organic Cotton, and 3% Spandex. Hemp is an ideal summer material as it’s naturally anti-microbial and UV resistant.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Hemp Stretch Instow Short


3. Twill High Waist Short

If you’re looking for a more structured fit that’s still breathable, look no further than the Twill High Waist Short. Made using organic cotton stretch twill (97% Organic Cotton and 3% Elastane), this style ensures all design elements, right down to the zipper, are sustainable. The YKK NATULON® zipper is made using recycled materials from post-consumer polyester products, ensuring nothing goes to waste.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Twill High Waist Short


4. Linen Offshore Short

The Linen Offshort Short has a relaxed high-rise fit that pairs perfectly with your favourite summer tops, whether it’s a classic tee, cropped cami, or knit tank top. Made from a blend of 65% TENCEL™ Lyocell and 35% Linen, it’s important to note that this fabric doesn’t stretch. So when you’re adding it to your cart, select the size that fits the widest part of your body for the most flattering fit.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Linen Offshore Short


5. Linen City Short

A variation on the Linen Offshore short, the Linen City Short still gives you the same flattering high-waisted look but with a longer inseam. With a similar blend of 73% TENCEL™ Lyocell and 27% Linen, ensure you select the size that fits the widest part of your body since this fabric isn’t the stretchiest.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Linen City Short


Here’s a quick chart that references the key design features of our Women’s Made For Everyday shorts.


Made For Movement


1. InMotion Bike Short

Find your summer bliss in a buttery soft pair of our InMotion Bike Shorts. A wardrobe staple, they’re made using a closed-loop process that recycles post-consumer garments — not that you’d ever feel it. With a high-rise, slim fit and two hidden waistband pockets, these shorts will take you from a downward dog to the coffee shop in comfort. Check out the InMotion Longline Active Bra to create a complete matching look.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s InMotion Bike Short


2. Destination Short

Whether you’re wading through the waves or trekking on the trails, the Destination Short is designed for ease of movement with a full elastic waistband and overlapping side panels. Plus, a silver-free anti-microbial finish helps control odour, moisture and bacteria on those super sweaty days.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Destination Short


3. Destination Fulton Short

Similar in style to the Destination Short, the Destination Fulton Short is made for mindful movement — whatever that means to you. They differ slightly from the Destination Short, with an additional ½ inch added to the inseam and drawcord at the waist.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Destination Fulton Short


Made For Lounging


1. Canyon Sweatshort

Lightweight and breathable, the Canyon Sweatshort will keep you comfortable no matter how high the temperature climbs. Design highlights include a flattering mid-rise fit, elastic waistband, drawcord and pockets.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s Canyon Sweatshort


2. French Terry Fulton Short

Made from a blend of 81% Organic Cotton, 14% Recycled Polyester and 5% Spandex, you’ll be reaching for the French Terry Fulton Short all summer. You can colour match this style with the Ballon Sleeve French Terry Crew or French Terry Crop Hoodie for a head-to-toe look.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Women’s French Terry Fulton Short



Men’s Styles

Made For Everyday


1. Twill Latitude Short

A blend of 97% Organic Cotton and 3% Elastane, the Twill Latitude Short was designed with your best summer in mind. With four earth-inspired tones to choose from, this style features a hidden zipper pocket to ensure your essentials are safe and uses a recycled YKK NATULON ® zipper. Because why waste resources when we can just recycle, right?


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s Twill Latitude Short


2. Hemp Latitude Short

The Hemp Latitude Short has the same fit as the Twill Latitude Short but is made from a blend of 53% Hemp, 44% REPREVE® Recycled Polyester, and 3% Spandex. Hemp is one of the most sustainable natural fibres on earth. The fibres are incredibly strong, naturally anti-microbial and UV resistant — a perfect match for summer.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s Hemp Latitude Short


3. Joshua Hemp Short

The Joshua Hemp Short features the same soft, sustainable fabric blend as the Hemp Latitude Short but has a slightly shorter inseam (7” vs. 9”). With this shorter inseam and extra back pocket, they’re great for beach days or running errands around town.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s Joshua Hemp Short


4. Hemp Stretch Chino Short

We like to think of the Hemp Stretch Chino as a hybrid of the Hemp Latitude Short and the Joshua Hemp Short. This style has a little more stretch with a blend of 53% Hemp, 44% Organic Cotton and 3% Spandex, and a more casual look with an elastic waistband and drawcord.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s Hemp Stretch Chino Short


Made For Movement


1. Destination Agility Short Light

Lightweight and comfortable, the Destination Agility Short Light are easy to pull on and go with an elastic waistband and drawcord.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s Destination Agility Short Light


Made For Lounging


1. French Terry Sweatshort

A cozy blend of 60% Organic Cotton and 40% Recycled Polyester, our French Terry Sweatshorts have a drawstring waist to adjust to your perfect fit.


sustainable shorts

Featured: Men’s French Terry Sweatshorts


Still have some questions about which fit is best for you? Our Customer Care Team is here to help. Get in touch and find your sustainable match today.


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