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Thanks To You, We've Planted More Than 25 Million Trees!

During Green Friday, we were able to blow past our goal of planting 250,000 more trees.

During Green Friday, we were able to blow past our goal of planting 250,000 more trees. Because of this, we were able to push our total number of trees planted up over 25,000,000 trees! Without our amazing customers, this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you to everyone who has purchased an item from tentree and to all our incredible ambassadors and supporters who spread our mission to their friends and loved ones.

The impact of 25 million trees planted might be difficult to imagine. There are, in the average forest, about 200 trees per acre, which means that all together, we’ve been able to plant 250,000 acres of forest That’s a lot of trees, the same as planting almost 300 Central Parks. But what exactly are they doing?

Your trees are cleaning the air

Trees are perhaps best known for their superpower abilities to clean the air of pollution and carbon emissions. 25 million trees will remove up to 25 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere during their lives. That’s like removing 5 million cars from the road for an entire year! And when you take into consideration the number of offspring these trees will produce, the amount of pollution is reduced even further.

Your trees are feeding people

We plant a wide variety of trees on your behalf. While some are not edible, like the mangroves we plant in Madagascar, but many are. 20 adult fruit trees could feed a family for an entire year and still have a little bit extra to sell to the community. We partner with farmers in Senegal, like Malik, to plant fruit trees on their farms to better feed their families and their communities.

Your trees are boosting local economies

How do we plant 25 million trees? The answer is: a LOT of work. We’ve partnered with several nonprofit organizations, like Plant With Purpose and Eden Reforestation Projects to create more than 250,000 days of employment. These jobs are provided to people in developing countries who would otherwise live off of less than $2 per day. The added income allows locals to buy food, clothing, health care, and pay for their children to attend school.

Your trees are creating a better world

When you take all the impact of our tree-planting work together, one clear image comes to mind: a better world. The trees we’ve planted feed communities, protect the environment, provide habitats to threatened species, improve developing local economies, and reshape our shared future.

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