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The Benefits Of Planting Trees In Haiti

In Haiti, we are planting trees with farmers on their own agricultural land to restore soil productivity and protect families against natural disasters.

In Haiti, we are planting trees with farmers on their own agricultural land to restore soil productivity and protect families against natural disasters. The ten trees that were planted in Haiti on your behalf will help to:

1) Empower the Haitian people

Most trees are grown in community-managed tree nurseries. Through the process of empowerment, the communities come to recognize the importance of the trees and the benefits they provide for the health of their families and land.

2) Encourage ownership

Our partnering families (subsistence farmers) are the beneficiaries of the trees. They mainly plant seedlings on their own farm plots, encouraging ownership. They are responsible for reforestation efforts and receive the full benefit of their planting.

3) Increase farm productivity

Deforestation compromises the soils’ ability to retain water and nutrients for healthy crops. Planting trees prevents erosion and keeps fertile topsoil for healthy plant growth, allowing farmers the ability to grow crops.

4) Restore watersheds

Soil erosion causes runoff down Haiti’s steep hillsides, polluting water sources. Trees maintain the soil and allow for rainwater to absorb into the ground.

5) Prevent floods and landslides

Eroded soil means land is more susceptible to flooding, mudslides, and landslides after heavy rains. As trees prevent soil erosion, the risk for natural disasters is reduced. In Haiti, trees that have been planted on the steep slopes have the opportunity to literally save lives.

6) Stop chronic hunger and malnutrition


Farmers can use the fruits and vegetables from their trees and gardens to provide nutritious food for their families.

7) Improve economic situation

partners with seedlings

Produce from trees and gardens can be sold, creating a supplementary source of income. Farmers use the money to provide their family with nutritious food, pay for their children’s school fees (encouraging higher rates of school enrollment), and prepare themselves for possible health expenses.

8) Educate and supply tools

We arrange tree distribution days from our own demonstration nurseries where farmers receive trees, shovels, watering cans, and wheel barrows in exchange for participating in a training day that includes training on how to best incorporate trees into their farms, care for the trees, protect them from pests, etc.

9) Restore peace

Conflict along the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic comes from years of prejudice and misunderstanding between both cultures. tentree and our local partners are working with communities in the Fonds Verrettes region to facilitate reconciliation between Haitians and Dominicans. This is achieved by providing Haitian farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to generate income at home, instead of in the Dominican Republic.

10) Engage with an established partner

Our partner, Plant With Purpose, is connected to the villages through their local office, led by Haitian staff. They develop long-term relationships with each partnering community, working alongside local leaders to empower the community to address their needs.

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